Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enter the Red Skull

As you know I’ve been having a bit of trouble moving forward with the Howling Commandos, So I’ve decided to move on to the Red Skull!

I’m again going with the new HeroClix Avengers film series figures,


For the character sheet I wanted to go with the traditional Reich style, but I thought it might be neat to replace the traditional green hue with a reddish tone.

red sheet 1 copy

I didn’t want to go “Epic” with the Skull because I want him to be able to have two Troopers in his squads. So, he’s more Zor’ka like, also I kept his Mental stats a little low, so his interplay with Hoss would be more interesting.

Finally here is a preview of his special object.


RD Token 1RD Token Hydra

Cut off one head, and two more shall take its place!

RD Cards 1

Notes: This is a once per game ability, and does not require an action. The new Troopers will enter the game as Reinforcements on the next turn.

Well I hope you all enjoy.