Monday, May 7, 2012

A Tale of Two Edisons

James Curtis Edison is the latest Tannhauser hero to join the ranks of the Union, he previously appeared in the card game Tannhauser: Field Ops, and he has a couple previous mentions in the old fluff, but the newly announced Edison is not the one older fans may remember.

Here is how Edison appeared in Field Ops.


Here is how he appears on the current art.


You can see that it’s the same art with just a horizontal flip, and that’s where the similarities begin to end.

The U-Chronic History of James Curtis Edison

Edison’s history has been changed, along with few other things. Here are some items of note.

His older fluff history:

1905: Birth of James Curtis Edison, grandson of future Union President Thomas Alva Edison.

1951: Operation “Field-Ops” is launched by Union High Command. The attack on the Bloody Mary beach is assigned to the Airborne Destruction Squad led by Major General James Curtis Edison. In response, the Kaiser entrusts the defense of the coastline to the Eisendivision, led by Baron Colonel Reimard Von Karloff, Grand Master of the Lodge of Saint-Vehme.

However, it’s obvious FFG has created almost an entirely new Edison for this new release, If you look at this enlargement from the banner ad, you can see the text has the date 1917 and Edison’s age as 17. Which means he’d been born in 1900, also it indicates that James is Thomas’ son and not grandson.

ed 3

A similar story appears in the official FFG announcement.

In the early years of the Great War, a single plane appeared over Germany. It meticulously bombed key Reich locations, and then, without stopping, crossed over the Atlantic, heading directly for Washington D.C. When the craft unabashedly landed at the Potomac airbase, no one expected to see young James Curtis Edison step out of the cockpit to be greeted by his father, Thomas Edison, who had lost the presidency to the revolutionary Woodrow Wilson in the election three years prior.

Both Edisons took the world by storm after that fateful day. James Curtis Edison took to the battlefield, fighting alongside the common soldier, while his father took back the presidency with a tactical genius unmatched by most generals. When James Curtis Edison takes to the field, every Union soldier who serves under him knows he’s in good hands. Edison has never left a man behind, and is always the last man to leave a mission. His age, experience, and charisma leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will be president of the free Union of Nations one day.

Also the official announcement (HERE) has reduced his rank to Colonel, he was previously a Major General, and his gun the “BFG” has been renamed MENLO, and apparently can alter time itself.

Here is a look at his old equipment from Field Ops, although it’s unlikely any of this has been kept, save that art for his gun:


MAJOR GENERAL: Play this card during an Order Distribution Phase. 1 Troop or 1 Elite Troop can have a maximum of a 2-Order difference with all other Union Ally.

HIGHWAY TO HELL: “Drop” this card over the Battlefield from a height of at least 50cm so that it “flips” at least 1 time. All units that are touched, even slightly, suffer 1 Hand-to-Hand attack of 2 dice.

BFG: Target 1 Unit at a YELLOW Maximum Distance of Edison’s Targeting Icon. Throw 2 dice. One a double, said Unit is destroyed and discarded.

COVERING FIRE: 1 Unit located in Edison’s Line of Sight (no limit on distance) will not be able to Shoot until the end of the Turn.

Finally a look at the promotional fan seems to indicate Edison will have two punch sheets of tokens, but it’s hard to say for sure, it may be showing both the front and back of a single token sheet, which FFG has favored of late.


Well hope that isn’t too confusing, but helps you to see that FFG has moved beyond recycling older TOY content and has begun to create it’s own story. All for now…