Saturday, June 30, 2012

100,000 Page Views!

The blog just had it’s 100,000th page view, and while that may not sound that impressive, it’s a big deal since 90,000 of them were in the last Nine months!

State of Emergency, and an Article for FFG

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has declared a state of emergency following Friday night’s powerful storms.

An estimated 500,000 people are without power in W.Va. in at least 27 counties.

Daytime shelters are being set up for people without power.

In Kanawha County, shelters will open at 9:00 a.m. Saturday.
The locations are the Kanawha City Recreation Center, the King Center on Donnally Street and the North Charleston Recreation Center.

The American Red Cross will be setting up shelters in other areas. You can contact your local Red Cross shelter for more information.

In Ohio, there are currently more than 1 million power customers without electricity.

Above is the Derecho “super storm” that hit us, the system would cover the entire state in about an hour.

More is on the way they say, so obviously not much work will get done here. We do have power right now, but I don’t expect it to hold out if we get hit again.

In the mean time check this out: Dual Faction Firepower, and make sure if you like it you give a good 5 stars, so they’ll let me write more.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Sun Sets, and Shadows Fade…

Last night I finished reading Robert Jeschonek’s “Rising Sun, Falling Shadows” the first of FFG’s new Tannhauser novels. Now, before I get to the review let me say that I don’t normally read novels, in fact this is only the fourth modern novel I’ve ever read; the first three being Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, Salman Rushdie's “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, and my favorite Alessandro Baricco’s “Ocean Sea”. So, you can see I’m not an expert on genera fiction in anyway. I have read other classic novels, but not many.

First the Positives…

Rising Sun… is an amazing bit of fiction none the less. If you’re a Tannhauser fan you’ll defiantly enjoy seeing most of your favorite characters write large in a story that crosses several genera's. The author’s characterizations of the core figures in TH are spot on, and really brought those characters to life in a new way. Even though I’m considered a TH expert, he still managed to give me new insight into many of TH’s central figures.

The plot itself is good and has just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The story changes gears a few times, often taking characters on unexpected paths. In all it’s a mix of military procedural drama and Indiana Jones style pulp fiction, with just a tiny bit of Agatha Christy thrown in. I have to say that I think most TH fans will not only enjoy it, but be left wanting to play a campaign based on it. I can only hope to see a map/campaign pack based on this book, it would be awesome.

Now the Negatives…

My only real complaints are a couple technical nitpicks, like who puts an Admiral in charge of a submarine, and then goes and names that same said sub after an Army General? But, those are just me being a “Military Geek”. My other complaint is the poetry, without putting in any spoilers here; I’ll say that the book occasionally breaks in to a poem, that one of the new characters uses to still his fears, but they really broke up the action, and I didn’t feel that they were giving me any great insight into the character. In fact in the later chapters, I found myself just glossing over them, and not really reading them. Let me be clear here, I have nothing against poetry, I’ve read way more poetry than virtually any other type of fiction; I just feel that these poems didn’t add anything to the story.

And now the spoilers, read no further if you don’t want to see them, you have been warned…

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help build the next Tannhauser FAQ

Go here and post your questions:

Post your questions for the next FAQ

Camera Trouble…

My video camera in on the fritz so videos are going to be delayed till I get it sorted.

Sorry for the trouble.

Coming Soon for Dust Tactics/Warfare


This is not a joke by the way…

I don’t know, maybe my Strumpioneers can take them with them on the Oregon Trail.

Rule suggestion, blow them away, and then use their corpses as light cover, or lunch.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Projekt Todesend: Revealed

To read the beginning of the story click here. 

Project Death-Knell Continued…

December 23, 1949

It had been months with little progress on Heizinger’s “pet project”, but after days spent locked in his library with neither food nor sleep the Marquis had found his answer. The amulet was the key, but not how he had envisioned it. The amulet itself was merely a carrier for the actual key, a Hebrew word: Emet, “Truth”. What truth was it, the Marquis could not help but wonder, as he headed for the dungeon of Dinu Hill.

The creature… the Golem, had been assembled in the former dungeon of Dinu Hill, now turned laboratory. There “his” bones were forged of iron, and his flesh molded from the local grey clay. He lay there waiting for the incantations… and prayers… and Emet. “Truth” written on a little slip of paper and placed in his mouth… Truth that would awaken the beast… Truth that would finally win Heizinger the Kaiser’s favor, then his throne, then the world…

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fiction: Projekt Todesend

Here’s a little fluff fiction for my upcoming custom character “Projekt Todesend” (Project Death-Knell).

Read it after the jump…

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Switch to silent running…

I’m taking a few days off to work on some larger projects, such as…

Projekt Todesend

The Mythopoeia

Some work for FFG


More custom assembly

and were working on setting up a new in home “studio” for the Youtube videos.

Brief Update

Setting up the new “studio” is taking longer then expected, so the Unterwassertruppen are being put on hold till the fall. Everything else is proceeding as scheduled.

Also I’m on page 200 of Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, so I should be able to do a review next week sometime.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Mercenaries Up Close…

In the first of a new series fulfilling video requests, here is a look at The Mercenaries.

In a few days the next video will look at building the perfect Matriarchy team.

Program notes: This video ends abruptly, because of a camera malfunction.

And here are the character sheet backs and health indicators shown in the video.

mercsheet back

Health I

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Learn by Watching, more or less.

In this five part series I play through a solo demonstration game, to show you all how Tannhauser Domination Mope plays, and demonstrating many of the game’s core concepts in the process.





Well all for this weekend, we’ll be back to normal operations Monday, hope everyone enjoyed this.

If you notice an error or have a question, please leave a comment.

Friday, June 15, 2012

FFG Releases A DUST Tactics Play Mat, Quietly

If you go to you’ll find a very nice DT/DW play mat for sale, although I never saw a “coming soon” or an “available now” announcement. (Image and description below)

Price $24.95 USD.

Dust Tactics Premium Playmat

Clearly envision the dramatic action and high-stakes skirmishes of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare with the Dust Tactics Premium Playmat. While infantry and combat walkers fire at each other along the coast, between warehouses in the docks of southern England, or in the streets of Zverograd, this top-quality playmat allows players to take their games to a whole new battlefield.

  • This 33” x 22” x 1/8” playmat weighs twenty-seven ounces, enough to keep it from sliding around, making it a stable surface for your games.
  • The dual-sided playmat features a nine-by-six grid for the board game action of Dust Tactics and an identical, gridless surface for the intense tabletop battles of Dust Warfare.
  • You can combine two Dust Tactics Premium Playmats to form the same twelve-by-nine grid available from the two fold-out maps from the Revised Core Set, but on a more durable surface.

Every good general seeks to gain every advantage the terrain can yield. Now you can take full advantage of the terrific play surface of the Dust Tactics Premium Playmat.


It seems I just beat them to the official release announcement, but I still find it weird that it was never on FFG or Dust Games “upcoming” pages.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tannhauser Core Set: Eva

Here comes the final video in our epic series on the heroes of the Tannhauser Core Set: Eva Kramer.

Sorry for the wait everybody.

Program notes: McGuffin –noun: an object or event in a book or a film that serves as the impetus for the plot.

Technical Difficulties Again!!!

The computer uploading the latest video crashed in the middle of the night. So, I’ve restarted the upload, but it will take 400 minutes to upload, then another hour or so to process.

Sorry folks but this one was totally beyond my control.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Improved Turn Trackers, for 7 or 9 turns…

I’ve fabbed up a couple turn trackers, the first one goes up to 7 and can be printed on 8.5x11 paper, the second goes to 9 but requires Legal size paper.

turn counter copy

turn counter 9

Click images for PDF versions.

FFG to Re-release the “Original” Adventurers

Back when The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus was released, I mentioned that this was actually the second Adventurers game. The first was originally produced by DUST Games, just like P of H, but was published by AEG. Not it seems FFG building on the success of their other DUST games, has gotten DG and AEG to let them reprint and distribute the original Adventurers.


I can only hope this means a reprint of the now hard to find Adventurers pre-painted figures will be announce soon. Even though most of the sculpts are more over the top then the newer ones, I can still see potential for new Tannhauser customs.

Here’s a sample:


Tannhauser Core Set: Karl “Ozo” Zermann

Today it the dread demon Ozo’s turn…

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick and Dirty Count Down Timer…

I needed a turn counter/count down timer for TH. So, I did this up really fast, I thought I’d post in case any one else would like it, I’ll probably make a better one in a few weeks, but there’s no firm plan.

count down timer copy

click for larger version…

That is all…

Tannhauser Core Set: Heizinger Part 2

As our four part series on the Reich characters from the Core Set continues, we get a look at some of Heizinger’s more unique abilities.

Program Note: I forgot to mention that when attempting a mental duel to enter Heizinger’s path, you are only allowed to do that once per turn. So in actual gameplay against this Hermetica you will only ever be able to move one circle into Heizinger’s path, this affords him an impressive level of protection against Hand-to-Hand attacks.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Operation: Give Me Back My Bullets

Returning to the great tradition of naming Tannhauser scenarios after classic rock songs, I bring you a new scenario that finds the 42nd stranded and out of bullets…

Click image for the PDF.

bullets scen

Extra crate token copies if you need them: Creates of Bullets PDF

Scenario Notes:

If a character finds an Ammo token and they already have one, they may either leave it for another character to pick up, of carry it, and use the “Pass Equipment” Action to give it to another character.

The appropriate number of: Knife, Aid, Ammo, and 2 CP crate tokens can be found in Daedalus, Novgorod, and the Core Set.

The M5 Special Bonus token is not “legal” for this scenario.

Special Note: The Union Entry Point is the one directly opposite of the Shogunate’s the other two Entry Points are not used.

That is all…


Me and the wife just finished this one, and it was really neat to see the Union handicapped by having their guns rendered useless. The game when really well, and lasted till turn six, where the Union finally lost with three characters in sight of the exit. Hoax was a really good choice for the Union, but maybe Commando Deltas, would be a better choice then Alphas, as their BG-44s would come in handy when facing any of the Shogunate “Pistol” weapons.

One last thing, if you want to make things a little easier for the Union player, let them go first on the first game turn.

Tannhauser Core Set: Heizinger Part 1

Today begins our four part series on the Reich heroes from the Tannhauser Core Set.

Mummies all wrapped up in a PDF…

Here is everything you need to print and play my Mummy Custom…

Mummies PDF

For more info take a look HERE.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Four Dragons: A Scenario

Here is a new scenario I’ve been working on for a little bit, and it came together really fast. Click for the PDF.

dragon Document

Here is the token sheet link: Dragons Tokens

The wife and I played it today , and while it looked like the Reich was going to win at one point, it came down to a draw. On the last turn Barry was left all alone, but he was able to gun down Eva, and with out her the Reich lost the ability to place any more Dragons.

Over all while this may seem like a very Reich favoring scenario, it turned out to depend far more on character choice and equipment load outs. For instance if I didn’t have Stosstruppen with “Not Dead Yet” my heroes would have been bogged down in unnecessary combat trying to protect the Dragons that had already been placed.

Again this one was pretty fun, and is playable by new players as it only requires the base game, but any Reich or Union characters are playable.

That is all.

Technical Problems….

No video today, sorry, but you’ll see Hermann von Heizinger Part 1 tomorrow.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tannhauser Core Set: Tala

Today, in day four of our multi-part Tannhauser Core Set series we’re featuring Tala, the Union’s first female character and one of only two girls in the Core Set.

Next up the Reich…

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sun Rises, and Shadows Fall…

It’s here, the first Tannhauser novel has arrived, now I just have to find the time to read it. It’s available in print from several game vendors as well as on the Barnes and Nobel digital store and on Apple’s.


Happy reading everyone.


FFG just posted their official release announcement:

And I found my first error, albeit a minor one, on the back cover it says, “ The year is 1954…” But the entire story, according to the chapter headings, takes between April 12th and 23rd 1952.

Run Home to Mummy…

For those of you who picked up a copy of The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus painted figures, you’ll have three Mummy figures, and recently I posted a Mummy “mercenary” idea, and now so you use all of your Mummies here are two new character sheets.

mummy merc trooper 2mummy merc trooper 3

As of right now, I suggest you check out the previous mummy HERE and print two or three copies of the token sheet, that way the mummies will have the same equipment choices just like Stosstruppen, Commandoes, or other troopers.

For some pictures of the Mummy figures take a look after the jump…

Tannhauser Core Set: Barry Brown

Today we continue our multi-part series on the Heroes included with the TH Core Set with Barry Brown. Enjoy.

Program notes:

I suggest you watch this series in order starting with the two part on John, because I will refer back to previous videos in the series.

At one point I say Barry’s Flash Gun A6a in not in his Command Pack, that’s an error, The A6a in the SO and in all packs, sorry.

The bonus token I mentioned near the end is called “Brute Force” and is found in the Oksana expansion pack.

Next Tala.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Irina Kravchenko’s Spiritual Guide Pack

I mentioned a while back that Ravage magazine (a French gaming magazine) had featured Tannhauser in issue #47, where they published an upgraded pack featuring new tokens and a character card for Irina Kravchenko.

Unfortunately this pack has yet to be released by FFG in an official expansion, and therefore is not up to date with the Revised Rules, but I’ve taken it upon myself to fix that. So without further delay, here is my version of the Spiritual Guide Pack.

spritual guide cards and tokens

Remember that Bonus Packs like this still use the special object normally used by the character.

Tannhauser Core Set: John MacNeal Part 2

Here comes part two of our epic multi-part series on the Tannhauser Core Set Heroes.

Program note: in the video I say that Barry’s Sergeant rank grants +3, it is actually only +2 to Initiative Rolls.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tannhauser Core Set Series Part 1

Today we bring you the first in a multi-part series on the Tannhauser Core Set. This first video will give you a quick look at what’s in the core set; as well as an introduction to the first hero John MacNeal. Each video in this series will focus on a different hero from the Tannhauser Core Set, and will look at all their equipment, some strategy, and how they interact with some characters. (Note: some heroes will be two part specials)

Now without further delay…

Amazon has just sent me the most…

Ridiculous email ever…

I had pre-ordered the first of the Tannhauser novels through them, because my normal supplier did not have it for pre-order at the time. But now I have to re-order it through my usual channels because I don’t want to wait till 2013 to get my copy.

Here’s a look at the email…


We're writing about the order you placed on December 31, 2011 (Order# 002-????????-????????). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

Robert Jeschonek "Tannhauser: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows"
Estimated arrival date: January 11, 2013 - January 15, 2013.

I never thought I’d have to wait an extra six months to get a book from Amazon, books are what they do right?!

And I’d like to point out that not only has the release date not changed, but my regular game dealer is already shipping the novel.

If any readers out there have received a similar email, please leave a comment.

Also leave a comment if you know what is going on over at Amazon, or if this is just a mistake.

End rant.


My newly ordered copy of Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, was just shipped out and should arrive in a week or so. So, expect a book review soonish.

Fortress America available now at some retailers…

Fortress America is starting to become available, I’m hoping to get a copy later this month.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Normal Operations are resuming…

Just a quick note to let everyone know everything here is getting back to normal now that the E3 press conferences are over.

Quick News:

The first Tannhauser Novel is starting to become available, but Amazon is not yet shipping, so I don’t have my copy yet, I’ll let you all know when I do.

FFG has posted a Trailer for Fortress America: Watch Here.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of the Office

Miah999 will be out for a couple of days, so expect delayed replies to any comment or emails starting later today. Everything should be back to normal Monday.

The Mummy Walks…

I’ve been working on a Mummy Trooper for Tannhauser for a little while, and to be honest I can’t decide if I want a true Merc, a Reich trooper, or the special Bonus token/ merc I posted earlier.

So, to help foster as much mummy use as possible and to avoid making a real decision. I’m including some extras that will allow you to use the Mummy a couple of different ways.

First here is an updated character sheet… Now includes the Hand-to-Hand Skill icon…

Mummy 2

Next is the card and token sheet, which includes two cards for the Anubis Idol, The first one is for use only when this character is deployed via the bonus token below. The second is for when this character is used without the bonus token.

Mummy cards and tokens

Finally here is the Bonus token for the Mummy’s primary deployment method.

mummy cards 0

ring tokennutral back

Well I hope that’s not too confusing, and that everyone has lots of mummy fun. There are three mummy models included with the Adventures figure set, so more mummies will follow.

June Bonus Token

This month’s artifact is the…

Primordial Tar

13 nutral back copytar

From Pitch lake, Trinidad, it becomes a tar pit when water is added, but the victim can be pulled out.


Enjoy, and remember to check here every month for a new Artifact from the Warehouse.