Friday, June 15, 2012

FFG Releases A DUST Tactics Play Mat, Quietly

If you go to you’ll find a very nice DT/DW play mat for sale, although I never saw a “coming soon” or an “available now” announcement. (Image and description below)

Price $24.95 USD.

Dust Tactics Premium Playmat

Clearly envision the dramatic action and high-stakes skirmishes of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare with the Dust Tactics Premium Playmat. While infantry and combat walkers fire at each other along the coast, between warehouses in the docks of southern England, or in the streets of Zverograd, this top-quality playmat allows players to take their games to a whole new battlefield.

  • This 33” x 22” x 1/8” playmat weighs twenty-seven ounces, enough to keep it from sliding around, making it a stable surface for your games.
  • The dual-sided playmat features a nine-by-six grid for the board game action of Dust Tactics and an identical, gridless surface for the intense tabletop battles of Dust Warfare.
  • You can combine two Dust Tactics Premium Playmats to form the same twelve-by-nine grid available from the two fold-out maps from the Revised Core Set, but on a more durable surface.

Every good general seeks to gain every advantage the terrain can yield. Now you can take full advantage of the terrific play surface of the Dust Tactics Premium Playmat.


It seems I just beat them to the official release announcement, but I still find it weird that it was never on FFG or Dust Games “upcoming” pages.