Friday, June 22, 2012

Fiction: Projekt Todesend

Here’s a little fluff fiction for my upcoming custom character “Projekt Todesend” (Project Death-Knell).

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Projekt Todesend

(Project Death-knell)

Fall 1949…

Von Heïzinger needed an advantage over the Union forces that had again and again kept him from his goals. To that end he sought the work of Von Frankenstein, but Horbinger had forbid entry into the castle where the information was kept by anyone other than the Esiendivision scientists there working on the Untotetruppen project and himself. Yet Heïzinger was undaunted.

He assembled his finest troops from Section Kaos and ordered them to gain access to the information he required by any means necessary, the orders of the Reichdokter notwithstanding. This would be the beginning of Projekt Todesend, with its ultimate goal to be to create a living weapon to rival the Frankenstal Golems that the Esiendivision refused to give Heïzinger the use of.

On October 31st 1949, troops from Section Kaos stormed the castle killing three guards and two scientists, they wore no insignia and the witnesses could not identify them, but Horbinger knew who had dared to defy his authority. Yet without evidence the Kaiser was unlikely to allow him to act on his suspicions.

With the information in hand Heïzinger’s men returned to Dinu Hill where the Marquis had established a research facility. But soon the Marquis would realize something, Horbinger already knew; his men had failed, they had most of the information but the key formulas were kept by the Reichdokter himself. So another method of animating his creature would be needed.

Heïzinger poured through his books searching for the knowledge he needed, and it was there that he found the story of Judah Loew ben Bezalel, a Polish Jew who had tried to protect his village with a real Golem, nothing like the Esiendivision’s crude imitations. Immediately he called for the Wagner to prepare for departure to occupied Poland. What Horbinger had accomplished through science, Heïzinger would out do with magic.

The sight of the massive Zeppelin Battleship over head was enough to send the simple villagers scurrying for cover. Heïzinger looked down from the observation deck as he watch the villagers run in fear he couldn’t help think how simple this task would be with little or no local resistance. Once the Marquis and his men disembarked they spread through the village search for evidence of ben Bezalel’s previous accomplishment, and in the local graveyard they would find it.

As Heïzinger strolled through the cemetery he noted that all the headstones were very neatly arranged, not the haphazardness he had expected to see. Each stone was exactly one meter from the one on the right or left, and three and a half meters to the front or back. Except one, as he neared it he could see that this one stone was set apart having nearly two meters to each side and five in front. Looking at the stone he saw that is belonged to ben Bezalel himself, and he couldn’t help but think how massive a man he must have been to require such space for his grave, or could it be something else in the earth below.

Heïzinger immediately ordered the grave disinterred, and stepped out of the way as his men set to work. It was a little less then two hours later when a runner came to fetch him from the local tavern where he was enjoying the local wine, and his own sadistic jabs at the owner, whom served him only at the point of a Schocktruppen’s gun. With the news he stood quickly and rushed out the door followed by his men, much to the relief and amazement of the owner. As Heïzinger strode toward the cemetery on the edge of town he turned to his aide and said, “when we leave I want you to ensure no evidence is left behind, do you understand.” The soldier simply nodded and moved in the direction of the Wegner.

Once he returned to the massive grave, inside the Marquis saw and equally massive coffin filled only with sand, a few bones, a small book, and a small metal amulet. Heïzinger ordered his men to pack up the amulet, the book, the bones, and even a sample of the sand, and be ready to depart in one hour. In precisely one hour, the Wegner was loaded and beginning its accent. As the massive airship ascended the frightened villagers began to breathe a sigh of relief, but their joy would be short lived. Just as the Wegner reached a height of 500 meters Heïzinger nodded to his aide, who turned and simply pointed at the gunners mate, and without a single word uttered the Wegner opened fire on the tiny village. After only a couple of minutes the Wegner’s massive guns had reduced the village to a series of craters in the earth…

Keep a watch for more in a few days…