Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Four Dragons: A Scenario

Here is a new scenario I’ve been working on for a little bit, and it came together really fast. Click for the PDF.

dragon Document

Here is the token sheet link: Dragons Tokens

The wife and I played it today , and while it looked like the Reich was going to win at one point, it came down to a draw. On the last turn Barry was left all alone, but he was able to gun down Eva, and with out her the Reich lost the ability to place any more Dragons.

Over all while this may seem like a very Reich favoring scenario, it turned out to depend far more on character choice and equipment load outs. For instance if I didn’t have Stosstruppen with “Not Dead Yet” my heroes would have been bogged down in unnecessary combat trying to protect the Dragons that had already been placed.

Again this one was pretty fun, and is playable by new players as it only requires the base game, but any Reich or Union characters are playable.

That is all.