Friday, June 1, 2012

The Mummy Walks…

I’ve been working on a Mummy Trooper for Tannhauser for a little while, and to be honest I can’t decide if I want a true Merc, a Reich trooper, or the special Bonus token/ merc I posted earlier.

So, to help foster as much mummy use as possible and to avoid making a real decision. I’m including some extras that will allow you to use the Mummy a couple of different ways.

First here is an updated character sheet… Now includes the Hand-to-Hand Skill icon…

Mummy 2

Next is the card and token sheet, which includes two cards for the Anubis Idol, The first one is for use only when this character is deployed via the bonus token below. The second is for when this character is used without the bonus token.

Mummy cards and tokens

Finally here is the Bonus token for the Mummy’s primary deployment method.

mummy cards 0

ring tokennutral back

Well I hope that’s not too confusing, and that everyone has lots of mummy fun. There are three mummy models included with the Adventures figure set, so more mummies will follow.