Monday, June 11, 2012

Operation: Give Me Back My Bullets

Returning to the great tradition of naming Tannhauser scenarios after classic rock songs, I bring you a new scenario that finds the 42nd stranded and out of bullets…

Click image for the PDF.

bullets scen

Extra crate token copies if you need them: Creates of Bullets PDF

Scenario Notes:

If a character finds an Ammo token and they already have one, they may either leave it for another character to pick up, of carry it, and use the “Pass Equipment” Action to give it to another character.

The appropriate number of: Knife, Aid, Ammo, and 2 CP crate tokens can be found in Daedalus, Novgorod, and the Core Set.

The M5 Special Bonus token is not “legal” for this scenario.

Special Note: The Union Entry Point is the one directly opposite of the Shogunate’s the other two Entry Points are not used.

That is all…


Me and the wife just finished this one, and it was really neat to see the Union handicapped by having their guns rendered useless. The game when really well, and lasted till turn six, where the Union finally lost with three characters in sight of the exit. Hoax was a really good choice for the Union, but maybe Commando Deltas, would be a better choice then Alphas, as their BG-44s would come in handy when facing any of the Shogunate “Pistol” weapons.

One last thing, if you want to make things a little easier for the Union player, let them go first on the first game turn.