Friday, June 8, 2012

Run Home to Mummy…

For those of you who picked up a copy of The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus painted figures, you’ll have three Mummy figures, and recently I posted a Mummy “mercenary” idea, and now so you use all of your Mummies here are two new character sheets.

mummy merc trooper 2mummy merc trooper 3

As of right now, I suggest you check out the previous mummy HERE and print two or three copies of the token sheet, that way the mummies will have the same equipment choices just like Stosstruppen, Commandoes, or other troopers.

For some pictures of the Mummy figures take a look after the jump…

First we have the Mummies included with the Adventurers figure set, Link to FFG store.


Next we have a possible squad using two Mummies and some of the Adventurers.


Next is a Reich squad.


And finally a pic with Asteros for size comparison.


For more info on the Adventurers “The Mercenaries” mod for Tannhauser go HERE.