Monday, July 30, 2012

Edison: Video Review

Forget NBC’s crappy Olympics coverage, and sit back and enjoy nearly a half hour of Tannhauser-y goodness. The Edison video review is here! Be sure to watch it in HD for the best look at Edison…

In other news I have a new article up on the FFG News PAGE.

Program Notes:

Part 1: Link to Field Ops image I mentioned:, the picture of the Edison card is about half way down the page.

Part 2: I have revised my opinion on Hoax since filming this video, she is amazing when paired with Edison, especially in Domination Mode.

Also note this was filmed before the announcement of the Frank, and the end of TH development.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

DT/W Warzone Tenement Review+


Here is my review of the Warzone Tenement for Dust Tactics/Warfare.


First let me say that at first thought it was overpriced but after playing around with it for two weeks, I have to say it’s worth the money, and it’s a great value when compared to more expensive non-modular terrain systems. Overall I’d have to give it a great rating, it’s easy to use, looks good, and fun to just build with, let alone the extra tactical options that full 3D structures bring to Dust Tactics (I’ve yet to play Warfare so I can’t comment there).

See a bunch of buildings after the jump..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Board Game Color Psychology

Today I’m going to put my degree in psychology to use as we look at what your pawn color says about you and more importantly, what it says to your opponents.

Color is a powerful force in our lives able to influence our mood and even some bodily systems such as appetite. In many games colors have specific meanings or are based on some historical notion; for instance in Dust Tactics the Allies are green because the US uniforms of the day were a green color, while the Axis are grey, for a similar reason. However, in many games like Risk, Dust TSG, and dozens of others the colors are simply for differentiation, and players are free to choose whichever available color they like. These are the type of games we’ll be focusing on today, games where you can often play your favorite color, and tend to play the same color whenever possible.

We go in depth after the jump…

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DT Battle Report “Here we go again”

I’m still not feeling that well, but I went ahead and finished up an article I started writing on Sunday, enjoy.

Today we have a some what more in depth battle report for Dust Tactics, this scenario is very similar to the previous one (you can see it HERE), only now we have a building which you can enter. Again victory will go the the player controlling the objective at the end of turn SIX. (We don’t usually score games numerically.)

Here is a look at the map and the armies.
(click for an enlarged view)

P1010747 copy

After the jump we’ll look at turn one, and then all the rest.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Out sick

I’m not in the best of health today, so I’ll be taking some time off, see you all in a few days.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tannhauser and Power-Creep

Power Creep is a concept, more often discussed about online video games such as Starcraft and World of Warcraft then in board games, but with Tannhauser’s latest releases we’re seeing the some extreme examples of Power Creep in a board game. First I’d like you all to take a look at Extra Credits’, excellent episode on Power Creep: what it is and why it exists. Then we’ll come back look the evolution of Tannhauser and the Power Creep it has seen, and how this has affected the game or if it has at all.

Somewhere in an Alternate, Alternate Universe

Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare take place within the same alternate late World War Two timeline, where there are aliens, VK, and no more Hitler. But there is a third Dust game that takes place in a slightly different universe.


The Dust, Strategy Board Game (released in 2007) features some familiar faces, both Koshka of the SSU Sigrid of the Axis are featured on the box top, and yet the game shares little in the way of story with DT/W. Dust takes place in the late 30s, an sees the world fighting over the VK power-source, but it’s not an alternate World War Two in the sense that the war we know from history began, and then the Dust timeline branches off from there; rather it’s a completely new WW2, based on a political and economic environment that never existed.

However, despite its lack of synergy with the other Dust games it’s still a game that fans of the Dust universe should enjoy, and it takes very little imagination to swap out this game’s fluff for all the excellent background info provided in the DT/W expansions.

So now on to the actual game play for Dust…

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remodel Complete… for now…

The blog remodel is complete for the time being, I’m giving up on making it look the way I want in IE, sorry to anyone out there who uses IE.

If you want to make sure your seeing what I intended in IE you can use the Developer Tools (F12) to change your “User Agent String” to Chrome or Firefox if available, and set the “Document Mode” to IE9 Standards, its IE7 by default.

Of course you’d have to do that every time you open IE, which is annoying, I’ll continue to do some research, but I doubt I can ever fix this.

Dust Tactics: Battle Brief

We played a fully custom scenario of Dust Tactics, and here is a brief Battle Report.

First the setup and win conditions:

Here’s the map, we used an unusually narrow map (2x5), which was great for our 280ish point armies. The objective was the green crates in the center of the map, the winner would be the player with any unit sharing that space at the end of six turns.


The opening turn was nothing special, as the game progressed the Allies made quick progress toward the objective, thanks to the speed of Rhino and The Hammers. However, the Axis’ long range firepower would slowly chip away at the Allied forces that had taken up residence in the center of the map. By turn five a majority of the Allies and Axis forces we’re dead.

Turn six saw the last two full Allies squads cut down by sustained fire from both Ludwig and Luther. The Heavy Laser Grenadiers were able to eliminate the Allied force holding the objective allowing the last of the Axis armor two infantry to sweep in and hold it till the end of the turn, despite one last barrage from Pounder. Here’s the end game image.


It was a fun scenario, and we’ll playing a variant later this week after some more DT stuff arrives, specifically: The Boss, The Kommandotrupp, The Warzone Tenement, and The Tile Pack. Next month I’m hoping to pick up Cerberus, and some more squads.

All for now, enjoy the new blog design.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We’re Renovating…

Please excuse our mess as we renovate this blog’s layout and style.

And keep an eye out for even bigger changes later this year.


So I'm renovating the Blog, and I've got it looking good in Chrome and Firefox which combined is about 60% of my readership, but damn if IE9,8,7 won't give me nothing but crap.

If there are any friendly web designers out there with a clue what's wrong here, I'd like some help.

Mechanics vs. Thematics

We throw around a lot of terminology here on the blog like “Power Creep”, Splash Damage”, and “Mechanics”. I know that not everyone, especially newer gamers may not always know what these terms mean. So, today we’re going to take two of the broadest and most common terms “Mechanics” and “Thematics” (which is not really a word by the way).

First Mechanics…

Mechanics is collectively all the rules of a game, for instance in Tannhauser you roll d10s for combat based on Weapon Traits, this is a Mechanic, specifically a “Dice Rolling Mechanic.” All the different rules put together form the game’s Mechanics, which can be good way to differentiate different types of games in to Mechanic based genera. Starcraft the Board Game for example uses a Card Combat Mechanic which would place it in a different genera then Tannhauser.

Thematics on the other hand…

Thematics are simply elements of the game that give it a theme, this can be a simple as the game art, or the fluff text for items. Thematics are entirely independent of Mechanics. Tannhauser Field Ops is a good example here, because it shares nearly all of its Thematic elements with Tannhauser, but has none of the Mechanics. Another good example is Dust Tactics vs. Dust Warfare, which not only share a theme, but also share some Mechanics, but not enough to be considered the same game or even the same genera.

So there you have it a basic intro to jargon, now you won’t feel so lost when I start to discuss Thematics and Mechanics.

In the next article on a similar subject we’re going to look at Power Creep in Tannhauser. Till then…

Also check out the new YouTube tab at the top of the Blog!

The Next Dust Warfare Campaign Book…

According to my supplier the next Dust Warfare Campaign Book will be Hades.

Here is the description…

The war for the doomed city of Zverograd heats up in Campaign Book Hades, a supplement for Dust Warfare! The pivotal battle has dragged on for months, and all three factions now seek any means of breaking the stalemate. Campaign Book Hades includes new unit stats, rules for superhuman characters, never-before-seen special abilities, and Tesla weaponry. What’s more, this jam-packed resource features the epic Hades Campaign, a long-term conflict in which players plan their engagements using a detailed overland map of Zverograd.

And the product number: DWF03.

I don’t have any further details, as FFG has yet to make an official announcement.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Massive New SSU Firepower for Dust T/W

Just announced two massive new actual Tanks for the SSU.

Take a look HERE for more details.

These tanks seem influenced by both the T-34 and the KV-2, both great real world Soviet tanks. These are also listed as Heavies so I expecting Armor 5-7, and they’re going to take up at least two squares if not four.

Wow, first the SSU gets airpower, then Superhumans, now the first tracked vehicles, the Axis and the Allies have a lot of catching up to do.

The Eisendivision Approaches…

Just a quick message to confirm that the Frank’s new Affiliation Stamp is for the 18th Eisendivision.

See it HERE.

All for now.

Dust Models announces “Tina” coming soon

I’ve always like this Dust character and now Dust Models has announced it for their Dust48 range which is DT/DW scale. So, I hope we see her in a future FFG Dust Tactics/Warfare expansion.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fan Submission: Under the Cover of Darkness

Today Artemus Maximus brings us a new Scenario, that was developed while the power was down throughout our part of the USA.

Under the Cover of Darkness PDF

Well Tannhauser may be ending official development, but we fans can keep it alive for years to come.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good News Everybody…

My camera seems to be fixed. So I should be able to start filming again soon.

That is all.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Frankenstahl Pre-Game Show

Today we’re going to take a look at what we know about the last of the Tannhauser releases for the foreseeable future, The Frankenstahl.

If you take a look at the image below, I’ve made a couple of enlargements for better viewing. The first thing you’ll notice is Frank, as we’re going to call him is an Epic level hero as indicated by his fifth Characteristic row, and his higher than average Characteristic values. While his Combat and Stamina Values are quite impressive, his Movement value is certainly less than desirable, I hope that he will have a token like Celerity to give him a much needed speed boost. But his some what lower Mental value will make interplay between Frank, Hoss, and Hermann quite interesting.

TH23_Layout copy

The next thing I’d like to call your attention to is the addition of a third yet to be identified Affiliation Stamp, which may or may not be for the Esiendivision, which could give us hint as to where future Reich releases will be headed should FFG choose to return to Tannhauser’s U-Chronic Universe.

Finally I’d like everyone to take a look at that figure, he is going to be massive; guessing by the average TH base size of 25mm he will be at least 50mm tall as he is approximately two base widths high. That’s very much on par with Asteros who is approx. 55mm tall, and a good deal taller then someone like Hermann who is about 31mm tall.

Well all for now.

The Complete Tannhauser Item List

Well, since FFG has announce no more expansions will be developed for a while (maybe forever). I can post the TH item list one last time, and consider it now complete.

Let’s hope that sometime FFG returns to TH, there are so many more cool characters yet to be produced.


Item #



Tannhauser Core Set


ISBN: 978-1-58994-378-0




ISBN: 978-1-58994-384-1




ISBN: 978-1-58994-382-7




ISBN: 978-1-58994-385-8




ISBN: 978-1-58994-410-7


Operation: Novgorod


ISBN: 978-1-58994-418-3




ISBN: 978-1-58994-840-8


Union Troop Pack


ISBN: 978-1-58994-943-0


Reich Troop Pack


ISBN: 978-1-58994-944-7




ISBN: 978-1-58994-948-5




ISBN: 978-1-58994-947-8




ISBN: 978-1-58994-946-1




ISBN: 978-1-58994-953-9


Revised Rule Book


ISBN: 978-1-58994-899-0


Shogunate Troop Pack


ISBN: 978-1-61661-066-1




ISBN: 978-1-61661-067-8




ISBN: 978-1-61661-068-5


Operation: Hinansho


ISBN: 978-1-61661-205-4




ISBN: 978-1-61661-069-2


Matriarchy Trooper Pack


ISBN: 978-1-61661-070-8


Equipment Cards


ISBN: 978-1-61661-052-4




ISBN: 978-1-61661-090-6




ISBN: 978-1-61661-478-2 2012



ISBN: 978-1-61661-092-0


Tannhauser: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows


ISBN: 978-1-61661-180-4


Tannhauser: Operation Night Eagle


ISBN: 978-1-61661-098-2


All Good Things…

…must come to an end.

Two days ago I received a phone call from FFG, and it was like someone had told me an old friend was dying. Steve from FFG told me that the development for Tannhauser would be halted. And while my heart sank, could not help but think, “I knew this was coming.” In fact I predicted as much on May 10th (see "In Limbo..."). However, I couldn’t tell any of you guys till the official announcement was made.

Well it was announced today that Tannhauser would be no longer developed by FFG.

What does this mean?

Well it means that after October or so when the Frankenstahl  (item TH23) is released; he will be the last official release for the foreseeable future. Tannhauser will remain in print, and FFG will continue to provide support for the product: maintaining the forums, customer service, etc. But no more characters or expansion will be developed.

Does this mean the end of the Tannhauser Blog?

No. The Blog will continue and I will continue to develop custom content, and post fan submissions whenever possible. In fact I feel the custom community is more important then ever, without new official content, it’s up to the community to keep this game alive, and to show FFG that we’ll still be here if they decide to bring Tannhauser back.

Will Tannhauser come back?

Well I think that’s up to us. While FFG cannot comment on this right now, the likelihood of TH returning will be based on sales. If we as a fan base can push the TH sales numbers well past FFG’s predictions, not only will they need to make a TH reprint, but they may be much more inclined to restart development.

The sad truth is that despite everything TH has going for it, it just doesn’t seem to sell well enough. I wish I knew a way to fix that.

Well we all have a lot to think about right now, so I’ll leave you with a reprint of the Official Announcement:

An Important Update on Tannhäuser

With the release of Frankenstahl later this year, FFG's development of new content for the Tannhäuser board game will be taking a rest. We feel the Tannhäuser line, with its many options, is currently robust enough to offer a great play experience for new and veteran players alike. We’re happy to say that after six years of publishing, Tannhäuser has matured to include four playable factions, three large expansions, and eighteen miniature packs. With this in mind, we lay aside its further development with pride and move to till other fields. The Tannhäuser board game and its expansions remain in print for the time being, so new players should have clear access to explore the uchronic conflict on their game tables at any time.

We remain genuine fans of Tannhäuser and its universe. We have no doubt that sometime in the future we'll return to explore new game experiences among its dark and winding paths.

As always, thank you for your support.

Well that’s it… I’d like to say one last thing, they really are fans of Tannhauser, a good portion of the staff read this blog, and I think they’ll be happy to return to TH in the future.

The Frankenstahl

The Franken Steel Golems first appeared in Tannhauser Field Ops, and now they return as an Epic Hero for Tannhauser, check out FFG’s page for MORE.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Dust Tactics Campaign

FFG has just announced a new campaign for Dust Tactics/Warfare, check it out Here.


When invading Axis forces descended into the sewers of Stalingrad to move about the city unimpeded, the Soviets sent their own troops underground to stop them. The bitter fighting that took place there marked the beginning of the RattenKrieg, or “Rats’ War.” The confined spaces and narrow sewer tunnels became a hellish battlefield, unlike any before seen in the history of warfare. The claustrophobic environment was perfect for traps and ambushes, and every squad knew that death could be waiting for them around the next corner.

The Rats’ War may have come to life in Stalingrad, but it plays an even larger and deadlier role in Operation “Hades.” The fifth campaign expansion for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare introduces rules for subterranean warfare, superhuman soldiers, new skills, and richly detailed information about the city and battleground of Zverograd. It also brings you thirty-one tiles, a Zverograd city poster, a map of the Zverograd metro, six scenarios, and over two dozen objectives to serve as the basis of your own scenarios. Finally, Operation “Hades” marks the arrival of Winter Child, the game’s first superhuman soldier

Monday, July 9, 2012

The FAQ Draft is up on the Forum for Review

Go HERE to see the new FAQ I’ve drafted for Tannhauser, if everyone likes it I’ll forward it on to FFG and maybe just maybe this will become the new Official FAQ.

You can also read it HERE.

First Update: HERE

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Workflow Issues…

Things have kind of ground to a halt here for two reasons: 1: our camera is still not working and we don’t have the $350-$500 to replace it. 2: we’ve run out of ink, and of course we don’t have money for that either.

What I can work on is not much, I don’t have any major customs in the pipe right now, so it looks like it’s going to be a slow summer.

The one thing I can work on is the community FAQ, I’ve developed answers to all the questions submitted so far, and will be posting it to the FFG forum soon (Monday at the earliest).

If you would like to post your questions or see the new Tannhauser FAQ once it’s posted please check this page:

Remember this FAQ won’t be official unless FFG accepts it and posts it on the TH Support page, so the better community response it receives the more likely they are to do that.

All for now…

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dust Tactics Beach Head

Here are some shots of my custom tiles mounted on some scrap foam-core, with a little twist.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Dust Tactics: Custom Terrain Tiles Printed


I just finished running off 15 of my custom DT tiles, I haven’t mounted them on cardboard yet, but I really like how they look. Here is a sampling combined with some of the tiles from Original Core Set. There are a couple of alignment issues, but nothing too bad, and may be due to warping, from the lack of mounting.


Alternate beach front…


Some more… 15 custom tiles as a bridge, note: the “terrain” is all there to hold down the un-mounted tiles.


July Bonus Token

Sorry for the delay, but the natural disaster has had me a bit distracted.

So here it is…

The Phoenix

This medallion allows the wielder to be unharmed by any flame, but it causes several of those nearby to die. For every life the Phoenix saves, others will be lost, but those who have touched the Phoenix will not be killed.

13 nutral back copyphoenix

Artifact • When this character suffers wounds from the result of either a fire or burn token, they may pass those wound onto any character, friend or foe, who shares their path.