Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DT Battle Report “Here we go again”

I’m still not feeling that well, but I went ahead and finished up an article I started writing on Sunday, enjoy.

Today we have a some what more in depth battle report for Dust Tactics, this scenario is very similar to the previous one (you can see it HERE), only now we have a building which you can enter. Again victory will go the the player controlling the objective at the end of turn SIX. (We don’t usually score games numerically.)

Here is a look at the map and the armies.
(click for an enlarged view)

P1010747 copy

After the jump we’ll look at turn one, and then all the rest.

(Note: We did our best to take notes, and photos, but we’re not perfect, if you notice a mistake or have a question please leave a comment, and we’ll do our best to answer.)

Turn 1: Initiative=Allies

The first turn opened rather spectacularly for the Allies, as Pounder (the third unit to enter) rolled 6 hits against Luther eliminating him instantly.


That was apparently enough awesome for one turn as nothing else amazing happened.

Turn 2: Initiative=Allies

At the start of Turn 2 the board look like this:


The majority of the allies we’re clustered in the corner, with the axis forming a line to the north. The opening salvo from Pounder only grazed Ludwig, who in turn blew Pounder to bits. However the rest of the turn saw few casualties, as both armies focused on closing to combat range. Rhino and the Hammers moved to an area inside the building.

Turn 3: Initiative=Axis

Here we have the start of Turn 3:

P1010750 copy

Turn 3 would see the Allies take a heavy loss after Mickey leaps out to attack the Heavy Laser Gren. and Lara, he’d be taken out by Ludwig, rolling FIVE hits. There were a few other losses but nothing major, as the Axis moved most of it’s forces to a cover position, behind the building.

Turn 4: Initiative=Axis

Here is how it all looked at the start of Turn 4, time is running out…

P1010751 copy

Things are coming down to the wire now as only three complete turns remained, both sides now rush the center of the map, headed for the goal. There was a minor exchange between the squad led by Joe and the squad led by Lara, and Hans managed to clip the Recon Boys. But the important move was by Sigrid, whose Laser Gren. squad moved within range of the objective.

Turn 5: Initiative=Axis

At the start of the turn Sigrid made her move to claim the goal hoping to hold out for two turns as the rest of the Axis forces kept the Allies occupied.

Turn 5 opening

P1010752 copy

With only two complete turns to go both sides turned up the heat, after Sigrid’s rush for the center, Recon moved in and attacked her but did little damage. Then the the Sturmpioniere attacked Joe’s squad, only to be destroyed by the BBQ squad at the front door of the building. However, the BBQ would be in turn be eliminated by Lara and here Heavy Laser squad. After that the Hammers and Rhino leaped from the roof and attacked Hans, and the remnants of Lara’s unit, destroying them both. Then Blackhawk moved in and hit Sigrid’s unit with “Al in one” but did little damage with only THREE hits. Sigrid opened fire eliminating the Hammers and Rhino, only to have her own unit wiped out by the Gunners. Ludwig who had been waiting in the rear now took a shot at Blackhawk destroying it easily.

By the end of the turn the Recon Gren. held the objective but both sides had taken heavy losses.

The end of turn 5.

P1010755 copy

The Final Turn: Initiative=Axis

Now to be honest we got so into the game during the final turn that I can’t rally tell you exactly who killed who during this final turn. But by the time the dust settled only one Allied soldier stood on the objective, to claim victory.


Now if we had played a couple more turns, Ludwig may have eventually turned the tide and allowed the remaining Axis Kommandotrupp to claim the goal, but it’s pretty unlikely. Over all the command squads helped, but we’re not a game changing force, as they rolled blanks on almost every skill roll.

It was a great game, and a lot of fun.

Look forward to more, and we’ll try to keep better game notes next time.