Thursday, July 26, 2012

DT/W Warzone Tenement Review+


Here is my review of the Warzone Tenement for Dust Tactics/Warfare.


First let me say that at first thought it was overpriced but after playing around with it for two weeks, I have to say it’s worth the money, and it’s a great value when compared to more expensive non-modular terrain systems. Overall I’d have to give it a great rating, it’s easy to use, looks good, and fun to just build with, let alone the extra tactical options that full 3D structures bring to Dust Tactics (I’ve yet to play Warfare so I can’t comment there).

See a bunch of buildings after the jump..

And now that that’s out of the way lets look at the plus part, here are a bunch of structures built with only one Tenement (not all at one of course).

First the basic building with no windows on the back three walls of the first floor or the back of the second. So you can only enter from the front, but can fire from three sides of the second floor.


Next “Mickey’s Garage”, the rules say vehicles can enter large opening, but they don’t give you any. That said, you can just leave out a wall or two.


Next a simple Line-of-Sight blocker, you can make two of these at one time, or one and some of the other one story designs.


And a version you can “scale”… It has a dot.


Here is a simple “guard tower”.


A small building with a tower.


Here is a bridge idea, this is just one way you could make a bridge. (Note there is some cardboard under the terrain tiles.)


One great thing about the modular design is you can make a quick and easy ruin with out breaking out the knives and saws.


Finally a full tile LOS blocker, or raised battle field concept.


This of course could also be used as a large single story building.


Almost forgot here is a low catwalk idea, troops can move under but it’s too low for a walker, unless maybe your Loth comes along and tears it out.


Inspired yet, this is just some of what you can build with one Tenement, imagine the options once you have more pieces. Or if you want to modify the pieces.


The Zevrograd Roof top self-park, a concept that needs a little work, I’m not sure of legality rule wise here.


Happy gaming.