Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dust Tactics: Battle Brief

We played a fully custom scenario of Dust Tactics, and here is a brief Battle Report.

First the setup and win conditions:

Here’s the map, we used an unusually narrow map (2x5), which was great for our 280ish point armies. The objective was the green crates in the center of the map, the winner would be the player with any unit sharing that space at the end of six turns.


The opening turn was nothing special, as the game progressed the Allies made quick progress toward the objective, thanks to the speed of Rhino and The Hammers. However, the Axis’ long range firepower would slowly chip away at the Allied forces that had taken up residence in the center of the map. By turn five a majority of the Allies and Axis forces we’re dead.

Turn six saw the last two full Allies squads cut down by sustained fire from both Ludwig and Luther. The Heavy Laser Grenadiers were able to eliminate the Allied force holding the objective allowing the last of the Axis armor two infantry to sweep in and hold it till the end of the turn, despite one last barrage from Pounder. Here’s the end game image.


It was a fun scenario, and we’ll playing a variant later this week after some more DT stuff arrives, specifically: The Boss, The Kommandotrupp, The Warzone Tenement, and The Tile Pack. Next month I’m hoping to pick up Cerberus, and some more squads.

All for now, enjoy the new blog design.