Friday, August 31, 2012

FFG Heads to PAX Prime

While I don’t think we’ll see any major news from FFG at PAX in Seattle, I’d still be happy if anyone attending would let us know what they see there.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Record Breaking Month

This month is the first month to break the 10,000 unique view record here on Front-Toward-Enemy.US. Right now we have 10,032 view for the month of August with about a day to go.

Update: the grand total for August was 10,519!

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Contact info…

The top menu bar now has our new Contact Information, and our new Submission Guidelines.

Check ‘em out!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Beast of War, Has Dust News…

Adam from the American arm of Beast of War has a pretty good interview with Anton from FFG talking about what’s new for Dust Tactics.

Things to watch for:

Mention of special rules for tracked vehicles.

The new heavy Axis walkers will have Advanced Reactive Fire.

And the Prinzluther will be a Command Vehicle, with abilities similar to a Command Squad.

And a little about Winter Child, and the Prototype Flyers.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

GenCon Dust Units Officially Announced

For FFG’s main article look at


The tank set includes a “bonus commander figure”


These guys are a great addition for anyone wanting to build a Red Army themed army. They have PPSh-48, DPM MG, UGLs, and Molotov cocktails.


These guys have health points like a hero, and are not eliminated one model at a time.


The commando set has a head swap to switch them from British to French, Each squad has different abilities.

Over and out.

The SSU, First Impressions

We played a tournament rules game of SSU versus my wife’s close combat Allies last night, and here is what we thought. (The scenario was “Key Locations” and the timer ran out half way through turn 4.)


First, I have to say that the SSU was really completive even though they consisted of only one of each unit currently available, and were not really a specialized army. But they were only facing units from the two Dust Tactics Core Sets, and I can see where they would have a hard time dealing with any 5+ armor units.

Second, the chopper is awesome, and I don't think it’s too slow, as has been suggested by some. I was able to use it not only to attack infantry with it’s quad machine guns, but I was able to use it to ferry a couple different units across the map, in two round trips. A bonus was the Allies had very little anti-air ability, and my chopper, reigned over the battlefield pretty much unopposed.

Finally, the SSU infantry felt a little slow facing four units with “Fast” and Rhino/The Hammers. In the end the Allies were able to edge out a victory thanks to their speed.

Some side notes: About the actual models: I have a few complaints, first, my flight stand broke after about five minutes (the little pins are too short and too weak). Second, I didn’t like that Grand’Ma was not attached to her base, and that the Fakyeli came with their field gear unattached, while no other unit has ever been that way. I’m going to see about getting a new flight stand Monday (while I glued mine together, it looks pretty ugly now).

Dust Highlight Video from FFG at GenCon

This video mostly focuses on the tournaments for DT and DW, but there are some quick looks at the new units.

Keep an eye out for Adam from Beast of War, and the dudes from

Desert Winds Whisper…

Recently on the Dust Models site new NDAK (North Africa Korps) Heroes have begun to appear, first there was Tina, and now we have Wilhelm an NDAK tank commander.


Also recently previewed by FFG at GenCon were two allied “kill squads” both were sleeveless, and one was from the French Foreign Legion famous for desert warfare.

The current speculation is that maybe were going to see some sort of North Africa themed army, but my current theory is North Africa will be the theme for the next two DT/W expansions. Remember just before Zverograd was announced special premium “Zverograd Pattern” models began to appear on the Dust Models site. Also DT hasn’t spent more than two expansions in any one place (not counting the Revised Set, which is sort of in it’s own category). See list below.

Original Core Set and Cyclone: Antarctica

See Lowe and Cerberus: Invasion of Southern England

Zverograd and Hades: the battle for the city of Zverograd

So what do you guys think? Think were headed to the arid wastes of North Africa?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Enter the Communists…

Well I can’t do a video review/un-boxing, but I can post up a photo gallery. I’ll be posting a battle report or more in depth review later for now here are the pictures.

There will be a lot more after the jump.


Today’s new SSU Arrivals.

Today, our copies of one of everything in the SSU’s first half of the Zeverograd Wave of Dust Tactics releases arrived. For about $150.00 USD, we got a 300 point tournament legal army.

Here’s a picture.


Now I’d love to tell everyone to look forward to a video series on this, but we need a new camera first. If you’d like to help out with that please donate using the PayPal donate button to the right.

All for the Mother Land!

Didier Poli Responds to Paolo’s Accusations

Today, Mr. Poli left a comment on the blog responding to Paolo Parente’s accusations of intellectual theft, I’m republishing it here, so everyone will be sure to see it.

Thank you for taking the time to reply Mr. Poli.

What follows is Mr. Poli’s unedited statement as posted HERE, this does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of

I cannot let Mr Parente says things like that on me!

We imagined ( William and me) TH during the development of "Hybrid", a boardgame I managed in Rackham.

We were big fans of "Return to castle wolfenstein" from ID software and "Space hulk"; we had the ambition to recreate the feeling of FPS videogames in boardgame. That was the beginning of TH adventure. Keeping the universe of Wolfenstein, I searched for references.I was looking for something pulp about WWII.

I found "Hellboy", "Indiana Jones" but also "Danger girl", "The Man in the High Castle" from PK Dick,Rocketeer, Front Mission and many other movies and videogames. That was my references sources! The first images of TH was ready for a long time when I discovered lately the existence of Dust comics. I confess I saw similataries, but we were working on the same references so it's logical!
When I was in Rackham company, I was exclusively working on " Confrontation" universe. AT43 ( named Dust at the time) was still in line up and only few things existed already.You can trust me or not but I don't think I saw any of Parente's work at this moment.

Maybe Mr Parente saw a "theft" in TH but if it's seems for him it's only coincidence! Dust has so many references like "maschinen krieger", "Front Mission", Mignola's universe... that I don't understand why Paolo Parente is doing such a trial on me.

Yes we have a close universe (uchronic WWII)but he didn't making it up as I know! Can we imagine games workshop or Gary Gygax attacking every games using heroic fantasy?

I think Tannhauser is a good game as Pathfinding is a good game system. Both are far from Dust and I will defend it and my honor as art director.I had never have the feeling of steeling something to anybody and I never will. If Paolo Parente has this feeling it's just that we did it before him, but it's not our problem. Paolo is a great artist and I enjoyed working with him on confrontation, but I think resentment is bad advice-giver! I leaved to FFG the future of TH, I'm not working in boardgame anymore, but I think there many more things to do with it. I wish a great success to Dust as we had with TH.This trial is null and void but I will not let Paolo Parente discredit me like that! I would have prefer answering him directly after his interview, but if the owner of this site want to contact me, I will be ready to answer his questions.

All the best.

Didier POLI from Take On You.

PS: Sorry for my poor English but I'm French as you may know.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fan Submission: Opinion Editorial

What follows is a fan submitted Opinion Editorial, that does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of At this time the editors here would like to invite everyone, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with this or the previous article on a similar subject, to feel free to leave comments, or send in their own submissions to:

For our original post look here: 

And now…


By, Rhydderch

I had some plans to submit a "Farewell to Tannhauser" article to Miah's blog in which I talked about the creativity involved in the game's background, but then I saw this on Miah's blog, a quote from Mr. Parente (the creator of Dust) on the suggestion of combining the Dust and Tannhauser worlds:

“July 14th, 2012:


l am sorry for having expressed my feeling towards that thing so directly, but you might be aware that THE GUY (referring to Didier Poli) creating THAT THING (referring to Tannhauser) has ripped it off after reading my comic book and after leaving Rackham.... Generally speaking l love it when you guys find good looking proxies and minis from other brands to use with DT.... it just THOSE Minis that l cannot stand... so a merging of THAT + DT is not possible... Please understand.”

Those are some fairly harsh words directed at the Tannhauser world! Now, I have no idea what happened at the inception of these two worlds, but I feel the backgrounds as they currently stand are very distinct aside from the overall theme and some ideas that are common in the genre:

Dust is a game about WWII, and its world has one major divergence from real life history - the existence and discovery of a Vrill (Alien) spaceship which sets in motion all of the other changes in the war. This basic premise is the root of the "weird" developments which currently consists of advanced tech such as lasers, powered suits, and walkers. The world also has Zombies and War Gorillas. These also rely on research developed from the Vrill discovery.

Tannhauser is a game about WWI (albeit the latter part of its history often mirrors events in WWII) and its history diverges from ours in multiple points with a timeline that starts in 6000 BC! It assumes the existence of magic, multiple mythologies, conspiracy theories, and alternative science. With so much variety in its background, Tannhauser is able to give each of its factions a different flavor.

The Union retrieves the wreckage of an alien ship at Roswell, which is used to develop new technology. The Reich has turned to the occult, researching alchemical magic, artifacts and portals to Hell. The Matriarchy, meanwhile, has turned to a combination of technology and the occult, allowing them to create machines empowered by the essence of the Slavic Gods. Finally, the Shogunate has enhanced its forces (which includes the obligatory samurai and ninja) with projects involving the essence of humanity and a summoned Oni.

Looking at the two worlds as they stand, they share a weird war theme and both include alien technology. However, beyond those two similarities which are not exactly new ideas, the worlds are actually quite different. I also feel that they have different strengths.

Tannhauser really builds on the weird aspect. It has a lot of the weird war clichés: the Union has advanced technology, the Germans have turned to the occult, the Matriarchy have some electricity-based weapons, etc but also adds twists to these. Instead of the traditional laser, we have a weapon that creates an anomaly so that any projectile fired from it automatically returns to the weapon. Rather than the usual weird war German zombies, werewolves, and vampires, Tannhauser has Shocktruppen touched by demonic forces and a monstrous, weaponized golem created from its dead. The Matriarchy doesn't just have a technologically advanced battle armor; it has a technologically advanced battle armor that ties its wearer to the Slavic gods! These are the creative elements of Tannhauser that I like so much, the unique twists and ideas on a not-so unique theme. The weird elements of Dust almost seem somewhat tame in comparison.

On the other hand, Dust revels in the details of its world. Its history follows the mold of a true alternate history with all of the changes following from the initial divergence. In addition, its history evolves and grows with each new product released, telling the story of this alternate WWII from the discovery of the Vrill to the coup that allows the Blutkreuz Korps to take power in Germany to the battles in Madagascar and Africa. War is waged, boundaries are re-drawn, and resources are won or lost. Having one weird element also gives the world a more realistic feel. The result is a clear history, and a war that actually feels like a war. Tannhauser never really had that. The details of the war were always vague, to the point that the Tannhauser cause of WWI is never fully explained. Many of Tannhauser's battles are fought, not to slightly better one's position as usually occurs in wars, but to stop the other faction from claiming an advantage that
could unilaterally end the war... it almost has a fantasy feel to it, like the search for the One Ring!

Obviously, I feel that both worlds have their merits. What about you? Do you feel that the Tannhauser world feels like a rip-off of Dust? What do you like best and least about each world, and do you prefer one background over the other?

Also, for the record, with such distinct backgrounds, I completely agree with Mr. Parente that the two universes are incompatible. On the other hand, I do think a pathfinder game set in the Dust world would be viable.


Here I am at 4am trying to record the long awaited video series on the characters included in Operation: Novgorod, but I’m getting no where. My top rated Sony HDR-CX110 is just crapping out data errors like there is no tomorrow, and I can’t find anything or information that will fix it.

So, unless the blog gets a huge donation, or sponsorship deal, I don’t see how we are ever going to continue our video series here on

It is really getting pretty frustrating, we’ve gone through three cameras here just to get one with a good level of image quality, that can really show off the detail on miniatures, and the boards, but after all that effort, and expense, we’re left with a camera that doesn’t even work.

Well, I’m at a loss here, so… I guess that’s it for now.

Here’s the proof, that I’ve been trying to film for about three hours now.


Monday, August 20, 2012

New URL, New Name

In light of the recent events concerning Tannhauser, and the fact that there won’t be much Tannhauser news from now on, we’ll be changing our name.

Soon the Tannhauser blog, will become, now our old address will continue to re-direct you to the new address, so you won’t need to make too many changes, but you may want to update your web favorites.

Over the next month, we will be updating our title header, and other info, including our email addresses. So make sure you use the new ones once they’re posted.

Front Toward Enemy title copy

What does this mean content wise, well, mostly we’ll be expanding our Dust coverage, along with our coverage of games like Fortress America, and Axis and Allies. It does not mean we’ll reduce our devotion to Tannhauser, but naturally there will be less to post, as there will be no new releases (aside from the Frankenstahl) for the foreseeable future.

Editorial: Is a Dust game using the Pathfinding System Possible?

Short answer no.

From Paolo Parente himself (picture below), in reference to the suggestion of combining the TH and DT universe.


July 14th, 2012


l am sorry for having expressed my feeling towards that thing so directly, but you might be aware that THE GUY (referring to Didier Poli) creating THAT THING (referring to Tannhauser)  has ripped it off after reading my comic book and after leaving Rackham.... Generally speaking l love it when you guys find good looking proxies and minis from other brands to use with DT.... it just THOSE Minis that l cannot stand... so a merging of THAT + DT is not possible... Please understand.

My somewhat longer answer, made up of my opinion, consider this an open letter to FFG and Mr. Parente.

First let me say I can understand how Paolo feels, I’ve had ideas stolen, and when this type of thing happens your anger is the only thing you can think of. But now that Tannhauser is coming to a close, and I feel this is far more permanent then FFG would like us to believe. I think that for Paolo to take the Pathfinding system and the existing awesome hero figures from Dust Tactics to create a squad level skirmish game would be great for Dust and FFG. And in my opinion this would be the greatest form of “revenge” that Paolo could have.

Think of it this way, Poli “stole” the Weird War theme from Paolo, now Paolo has the chance to “steal” the entire game system from Poli. And best of all it wouldn’t even be stealing because FFG owns Tannhauser, its theme and mechanics completely. It’s just a matter of Paolo allowing them to create the rules and maps, as the figures already exist.

Also I think that Paolo may be more open to this idea then he realizes, as he himself said “it just THOSE Minis that l cannot stand.” So, if we eliminate all of the theme and character art from the equation, what your left with is a great skeleton of rules and the Pathfinding system to build on.

Well that’s all my opinions on this for now, and I really hope that FFG doesn’t let the Pathfinding system die, should Tannhauser never return.

All for now.

PS: I’m going to start work on a Dust mod for Tannhauser, but don’t expect to see anything anytime soon.

Two New Views of the Axis Planes

Here is a great top view, and a somewhat blurry bottom view that gives you a good look at the VSTOL exhausts. To be honest now that I see it from these angles, I think they should ditch the vertical stabilizers, and give it a more traditional Horten 229 style.



FFG GenCon Day Four

Well it’s all over now, here’s to next year.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still not at GenCon, Zombie Prep Day 2

Well, we’re still home, and not at GenCon, so we’re continuing to can yummy yummy food to spice up those rations we’ll be living off of in the coming end times.


This is really good, easy pasta sauce, all you need is 6 cups of fresh diced tomatoes, a couple diced onions, and some garlic, all of which your should be growing in your garden or hydroponics bunker. Then throw in some herbs and spices or a pack of Mrs. Wage’s pasta canning mix, cook for 25 minutes and can as directed. As with all canned food this will keep for like a year, and you should wait a few weeks before you try it out.

If your worried there won’t be any pasta to enjoy at the end of the world, remember that ramen noodles keep for ages, and make a good stand in for any pasta, even long after those little flavor packs have gone bad.


Axis Airpower Up Close

Here is an enlarged and more detailed image of the new Axis aircraft.


I expect the cockpit will have a transparent bubble in the final version, and I imagine the cannon (long thing sticking out of it) will get more detail, like a more detailed flash suppressor or a muzzle break. Also in this image you can see the machine guns.

Looking at the basic shapes it seems to be the bastard stepchild of the Horten 229, and the Gotha 60c, the tail stabilizers are the real wildcard here, as they don’t resemble any of the German World War II jet fighters.

Who else is looking forward to air to air combat?

FFG GenCon Day Two

Here is FFG’s day two video

Hi Mark.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Axis Airpower

FFG has just revealed some Axis jet fighter prototypes, no real details yet, but here are the pictures, again courtesy of Decal12.


photo (1)photo (2)photo (3)photo (4)

FFG thread:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

FFG GenCon Day One Video

Here is FFG’s GenCon day one, with Wil Wheaton, and look for Mark Pollard, whom works with me on Tannhauser stuff.

FFG news page:

New Dust Models at GenCon

Dcal12 has posted a number of pictures of the new Dust models previewing at GenCon. Link to the FFG forum THREAD.

Above (albeit blurry) is the French Foreign Legion Kill Squad (in the back), to their right is a British commando squad, and a Axis Heavy Laser team (three guys all on a vehicle sized base).

I don’t have the name of the tank in front yet, but the walker in back is Babushka, which appears to be a captured “Jagdluther” pattern walker with Gatling guns.

The large tank is the Karl Marx, looks to have some sort of “Tesla” weapon.

Prinzluther, think walking half track, with anti-air guns.

Strumprinz, another transport, with light armament.

Karl Marx again, and the Matrioshka walker is in the back, looks to be the production version of the “Fury of Ivan”.

Dcal12 has posted some more pictures, you can see them after the jump.

Can’t go to GenCon… Make Pickles!

Well if your like me you can’t go to GenCon, but you still have some free time. Spend it prepping for the inevitable bath-salt induced zombie apocalypse, by canning some pickles. That way you’ll have something yummy to go with all those bland MREs I know you have stockpiled in the basement.


Learn more here:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GenCon Starts Tomorrow

Well the 16th is the first day of GenCon, and while I won’t be there, I will try to report on any news I hear about anything Tannhauser fans and Dust fans might be interested in.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Game Room and Table

We’ve been working on this for a couple days now, and we’re still a good ways from being done (lots of military style left to add). …and maybe some more chairs.


Monday, August 13, 2012

New Strategy Article up on the FFG site

They kind of surprised me with this one I wasn’t expecting to see for a couple days, but anyway. Here is the link to my latest strategy article on the FFG news page.

Character Assassination

Slow Days…

It’s been pretty slow around here, we’re in between TH releases, and there’s no major Dust news right now. As for my own projects I don’t have much going on. We’re prepping for a Dust Tactics Tournament for CharCon in mid October, and we’re turning the spare bedroom into a game room with a 4’x8’ table.

In other news I’m continuing to work with FFG on new Tannhauser articles through the end of the year, and I hope to begin working with them on Dust Tactics stories as TH development winds down.

For more on CharCon and the Tournament will be running check out this link:

One last thing for those of you looking forward to the latest edition of my Tannhauser reference book the Tannhauser Mythopoeia will have to wait till the end of the year. I’m holding off on updates till the last of the TH releases are out.

Well all for now, hopefully things will pick up here soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Robert T. Jeschonek

Today on the Tannhauser Blog we have an awesome interview with Rising Sun, Falling Shadows author Robert T. Jeschonek.

First here’s a little bit about Robert and some of his work.

Robert T. Jeschonek is an award-winning writer whose fiction, comics, essays, articles, and podcasts have been published around the world. His young adult urban fantasy novel, MY FAVORITE BAND DOES NOT EXIST, was named one of BOOKLIST’s Top Ten First Novels for Youth. Simon & Schuster, DAW/Penguin Books, and DC Comics have published his work. He won the grand prize in Pocket Books' nationwide Strange New Worlds contest and was nominated for the British Fantasy Award.

And now after the jump, we’ll get to the questions, and answers…

Caution May Contain Spoilers!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dust Tactics: Core Set Revised Reprint

For those of you looking to get in to Dust Tactics/Warfare, or you folks just looking for some of the unique units from this starter kit, rest assured a reprint is on the way. So stay away from those scalpers charging as much as $150.00.


Tannhauser: Edison in some stores now!

Some online retailers are selling Edison now.

Like FRP:

Only one more Tannhauser release to go…

All fear the Frankenstahl…

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dust Models Announced Axis Bits

Coming Soon… Soon you’ll be able to get official Axis weapons for modifying your standard vehicles and troops for the “Dusty” look.


Link to Dust site:

Friday, August 3, 2012

The August Bonus Token, Better late…

…then never.

Sorry for the delay, here is the August Artifact.

Rheticus’ Compass

This was used in his long lost teleportation experiments, and has a set of rules engraved on the sides of the box and in a secret compartment on the bottom side. If all the rules are not followed precisely, the user will be trapped in space and time until the rules are properly followed.

13 nutral back copycompass

Artifact • Engage any character on the board in a Mental duel; if you win move your character to the target’s circle, and then place the targeted character on your character sheet.

On the following turn, return that character to any circle on the board.


Any questions?