Thursday, August 23, 2012

Desert Winds Whisper…

Recently on the Dust Models site new NDAK (North Africa Korps) Heroes have begun to appear, first there was Tina, and now we have Wilhelm an NDAK tank commander.


Also recently previewed by FFG at GenCon were two allied “kill squads” both were sleeveless, and one was from the French Foreign Legion famous for desert warfare.

The current speculation is that maybe were going to see some sort of North Africa themed army, but my current theory is North Africa will be the theme for the next two DT/W expansions. Remember just before Zverograd was announced special premium “Zverograd Pattern” models began to appear on the Dust Models site. Also DT hasn’t spent more than two expansions in any one place (not counting the Revised Set, which is sort of in it’s own category). See list below.

Original Core Set and Cyclone: Antarctica

See Lowe and Cerberus: Invasion of Southern England

Zverograd and Hades: the battle for the city of Zverograd

So what do you guys think? Think were headed to the arid wastes of North Africa?