Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Didier Poli Responds to Paolo’s Accusations

Today, Mr. Poli left a comment on the blog responding to Paolo Parente’s accusations of intellectual theft, I’m republishing it here, so everyone will be sure to see it.

Thank you for taking the time to reply Mr. Poli.

What follows is Mr. Poli’s unedited statement as posted HERE, this does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of

I cannot let Mr Parente says things like that on me!

We imagined ( William and me) TH during the development of "Hybrid", a boardgame I managed in Rackham.

We were big fans of "Return to castle wolfenstein" from ID software and "Space hulk"; we had the ambition to recreate the feeling of FPS videogames in boardgame. That was the beginning of TH adventure. Keeping the universe of Wolfenstein, I searched for references.I was looking for something pulp about WWII.

I found "Hellboy", "Indiana Jones" but also "Danger girl", "The Man in the High Castle" from PK Dick,Rocketeer, Front Mission and many other movies and videogames. That was my references sources! The first images of TH was ready for a long time when I discovered lately the existence of Dust comics. I confess I saw similataries, but we were working on the same references so it's logical!
When I was in Rackham company, I was exclusively working on " Confrontation" universe. AT43 ( named Dust at the time) was still in line up and only few things existed already.You can trust me or not but I don't think I saw any of Parente's work at this moment.

Maybe Mr Parente saw a "theft" in TH but if it's seems for him it's only coincidence! Dust has so many references like "maschinen krieger", "Front Mission", Mignola's universe... that I don't understand why Paolo Parente is doing such a trial on me.

Yes we have a close universe (uchronic WWII)but he didn't making it up as I know! Can we imagine games workshop or Gary Gygax attacking every games using heroic fantasy?

I think Tannhauser is a good game as Pathfinding is a good game system. Both are far from Dust and I will defend it and my honor as art director.I had never have the feeling of steeling something to anybody and I never will. If Paolo Parente has this feeling it's just that we did it before him, but it's not our problem. Paolo is a great artist and I enjoyed working with him on confrontation, but I think resentment is bad advice-giver! I leaved to FFG the future of TH, I'm not working in boardgame anymore, but I think there many more things to do with it. I wish a great success to Dust as we had with TH.This trial is null and void but I will not let Paolo Parente discredit me like that! I would have prefer answering him directly after his interview, but if the owner of this site want to contact me, I will be ready to answer his questions.

All the best.

Didier POLI from Take On You.

PS: Sorry for my poor English but I'm French as you may know.