Monday, August 20, 2012

Editorial: Is a Dust game using the Pathfinding System Possible?

Short answer no.

From Paolo Parente himself (picture below), in reference to the suggestion of combining the TH and DT universe.


July 14th, 2012


l am sorry for having expressed my feeling towards that thing so directly, but you might be aware that THE GUY (referring to Didier Poli) creating THAT THING (referring to Tannhauser)  has ripped it off after reading my comic book and after leaving Rackham.... Generally speaking l love it when you guys find good looking proxies and minis from other brands to use with DT.... it just THOSE Minis that l cannot stand... so a merging of THAT + DT is not possible... Please understand.

My somewhat longer answer, made up of my opinion, consider this an open letter to FFG and Mr. Parente.

First let me say I can understand how Paolo feels, I’ve had ideas stolen, and when this type of thing happens your anger is the only thing you can think of. But now that Tannhauser is coming to a close, and I feel this is far more permanent then FFG would like us to believe. I think that for Paolo to take the Pathfinding system and the existing awesome hero figures from Dust Tactics to create a squad level skirmish game would be great for Dust and FFG. And in my opinion this would be the greatest form of “revenge” that Paolo could have.

Think of it this way, Poli “stole” the Weird War theme from Paolo, now Paolo has the chance to “steal” the entire game system from Poli. And best of all it wouldn’t even be stealing because FFG owns Tannhauser, its theme and mechanics completely. It’s just a matter of Paolo allowing them to create the rules and maps, as the figures already exist.

Also I think that Paolo may be more open to this idea then he realizes, as he himself said “it just THOSE Minis that l cannot stand.” So, if we eliminate all of the theme and character art from the equation, what your left with is a great skeleton of rules and the Pathfinding system to build on.

Well that’s all my opinions on this for now, and I really hope that FFG doesn’t let the Pathfinding system die, should Tannhauser never return.

All for now.

PS: I’m going to start work on a Dust mod for Tannhauser, but don’t expect to see anything anytime soon.