Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here I am at 4am trying to record the long awaited video series on the characters included in Operation: Novgorod, but I’m getting no where. My top rated Sony HDR-CX110 is just crapping out data errors like there is no tomorrow, and I can’t find anything or information that will fix it.

So, unless the blog gets a huge donation, or sponsorship deal, I don’t see how we are ever going to continue our video series here on Front-Toward-Enemy.us.

It is really getting pretty frustrating, we’ve gone through three cameras here just to get one with a good level of image quality, that can really show off the detail on miniatures, and the boards, but after all that effort, and expense, we’re left with a camera that doesn’t even work.

Well, I’m at a loss here, so… I guess that’s it for now.

Here’s the proof, that I’ve been trying to film for about three hours now.