Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Dust Models at GenCon

Dcal12 has posted a number of pictures of the new Dust models previewing at GenCon. Link to the FFG forum THREAD.

Above (albeit blurry) is the French Foreign Legion Kill Squad (in the back), to their right is a British commando squad, and a Axis Heavy Laser team (three guys all on a vehicle sized base).

I don’t have the name of the tank in front yet, but the walker in back is Babushka, which appears to be a captured “Jagdluther” pattern walker with Gatling guns.

The large tank is the Karl Marx, looks to have some sort of “Tesla” weapon.

Prinzluther, think walking half track, with anti-air guns.

Strumprinz, another transport, with light armament.

Karl Marx again, and the Matrioshka walker is in the back, looks to be the production version of the “Fury of Ivan”.

Dcal12 has posted some more pictures, you can see them after the jump.