Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still not at GenCon, Zombie Prep Day 2

Well, we’re still home, and not at GenCon, so we’re continuing to can yummy yummy food to spice up those rations we’ll be living off of in the coming end times.


This is really good, easy pasta sauce, all you need is 6 cups of fresh diced tomatoes, a couple diced onions, and some garlic, all of which your should be growing in your garden or hydroponics bunker. Then throw in some herbs and spices or a pack of Mrs. Wage’s pasta canning mix, cook for 25 minutes and can as directed. As with all canned food this will keep for like a year, and you should wait a few weeks before you try it out.

If your worried there won’t be any pasta to enjoy at the end of the world, remember that ramen noodles keep for ages, and make a good stand in for any pasta, even long after those little flavor packs have gone bad.