Thursday, August 23, 2012

The SSU, First Impressions

We played a tournament rules game of SSU versus my wife’s close combat Allies last night, and here is what we thought. (The scenario was “Key Locations” and the timer ran out half way through turn 4.)


First, I have to say that the SSU was really completive even though they consisted of only one of each unit currently available, and were not really a specialized army. But they were only facing units from the two Dust Tactics Core Sets, and I can see where they would have a hard time dealing with any 5+ armor units.

Second, the chopper is awesome, and I don't think it’s too slow, as has been suggested by some. I was able to use it not only to attack infantry with it’s quad machine guns, but I was able to use it to ferry a couple different units across the map, in two round trips. A bonus was the Allies had very little anti-air ability, and my chopper, reigned over the battlefield pretty much unopposed.

Finally, the SSU infantry felt a little slow facing four units with “Fast” and Rhino/The Hammers. In the end the Allies were able to edge out a victory thanks to their speed.

Some side notes: About the actual models: I have a few complaints, first, my flight stand broke after about five minutes (the little pins are too short and too weak). Second, I didn’t like that Grand’Ma was not attached to her base, and that the Fakyeli came with their field gear unattached, while no other unit has ever been that way. I’m going to see about getting a new flight stand Monday (while I glued mine together, it looks pretty ugly now).