Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Bonus Token: Crucifix

Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s a holiday weekend here in the states, but without any further delay, here is the September Bonus Token for Tannhauser…

Marie Leveau’s Crucifix

Marie Laveau was a famous voodoo practitioner in New Orleans, revered by modern voodoo practitioners; her crucifix has become imbued with the power to raise the dead as Zombies.

13 nutral back copycross

Artifact • When any character is killed, they may be brought back as a reinforcement (without spending any Command Points); however, they are now a Zombie, and have only the following stats and equipment. (This equipment allows you to bring back even enemy characters as Zombies for your team.)

A character brought back as a Zombie has only one Health row as follows 5|7|-|5.

They are equipped with only the following equipment: Zombie Hunger: Weapon, Hand-to-Hand • When attacking with this weapon, your target rolls one fewer die on their Shock roll.

Command Points may not be spent on a Zombie’s behalf.

Further a Zombie may never be brought back into the game as a Reinforcement or Zombie again.

cross 1

Hope you all enjoy, and have some Zombie, Tannhauser fun for Halloween.