Saturday, September 8, 2012

The New SSU Flyers are Finally on the way.

From FFG…

In March, we announced the upcoming release of two SSU airborne units for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare: the SSU Airborne Walker Transport and the SSU Ground Attack Helicopter. At the time, our intelligence assured us that these helicopters would be combat-ready by the end of June. So, where are they?

SSU Mechanics Hard at Work

Minor production issues delayed the release of these two helicopters, but the problems have now been resolved. The helicopters are truly combat-ready, and we will begin shipping them shortly. They should be available in stores in a little over a month.

No other faction in the world of Dust Tactics has had to endure as much as the SSU, and as a result, no other faction is quite as resilient. After suffering heavy losses in their early battles with the Axis, SSU forces survive as much by the strength of their will as the strength of their arms. They are dedicated to bringing their Airborne Walker Transport and Ground Attack Helicopter to the battlefields, and we look forward to see these airborne units hovering over Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare tables soon.”