Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombicide Graveyard Version 2

After some suggestions and some realizations, here is a new set of Graveyard Tiles. This new set contains a lot of new features including a Mausoleum which you can use a door token on to create an enterable zone. They also include a number of gates which you can treat as open doors in the Graveyard wall. Finally there are little cobbled paths which function just like the crosswalks to divide different zones within the Graveyard.

Grave New 1

Grave New 2

Grave New 3

Grave New 4

New Graveyard 6

As with the last set there are some more examples after the jump…

No new videos this week.

I know I mentioned that we’d be starting our Dust Tactics unit review series this week, but due to damaged power and phone lines throughout the area (Thank Sandy) our internet upload speed is abysmal.

Sorry for the delay.

Halloween Special: Zombicide Graveyard

Well it’s that time again, and we have something special, a set of four Graveyard Tiles G1, G2, G3 & G4. here they are along with some example graveyards. I haven’t decided on whether the grave areas should be one large zone or divided up. So what do you folks think? These are hybrids between some scans of the street, and fully custom grave yard art. The streets are a little blurry, because of the de-screening process. And the color is a little off. There are a couple of alignment issues but overall I like how the turned out.

We’ve updated these, the new set can be found here:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Zombicide Objectives

I felt that I needed more variety in Objectives for Zombicide so I started working on a bunch, and here are the results.

objectives copy

This image is 4 x 10 inches at 200 dpi, the tokens may need to be trimmed to size, but that way you won’t have any white around the edges.

Zombicide Scenario: 03 Blackhawk Down

Today our third scenario for Zombicide comes to you screaming out of the sky like a crashing helicopter.


For an easier game only use Zombie Cards 1-24, for a harder game start all players at level 12.

Here is the next custom tile, the area on the opposite side of the sidewalk is considered two separate zones divided diagonally by the wreckage, but it is not inside, and therefore cannot be searched like a room.

Click for full size image.

zombicide tile chopper wreck copy

You’ll need a printer that can handle 11 x 17 paper as the tiles are over 9 inches wide. To make sure you get an accurate tile size, tell your graphics software to print it at 250mm x 250mm (25cm x 25cm).

Here are some Orange Objective Tokens, I believe they should be 25mm square when printed. This image is 30mm x 100mm at 200 dpi.

Orange Objs


Monday, October 29, 2012

New Article for FFG, More Frankenstahl

My second Frankenstahl article is live on the FFG home page.

Fearful Symmetry


Today’s New Arrivals, Death from Above…

Here’s what came in today…


It’s nice that the ammo boxes were included, I had been wondering if those were just on the box for looks. This will be the subject of our first Dust Tactics video later this week.

Frankenstahl Duo, Basic Tactics Video

Here comes our video on basic Frankenstahl twin tactics. There’s not a lot of deep strategy in this video, but it should give you an idea what it will be like to field two of these beasts. That way you should be able to figure out if you want two of them or not.


Zombicide Scenario 02 “The Escape”

Here is our second scenario the escape, It’s a little easier, but has some unique challenges. And of course features another custom addition.

02 The Escape

Here is the custom tile, the area on the opposite side of the sidewalk is considered a separate zone, but it is not inside, and therefore cannot be searched like a room. In the future we will have some rules for searching the chopper itself, but for this scenario it’s empty.

Click for full size image.

zombicide tile chopper pad copy2

You’ll need a printer that can handle 11 x 17 paper as the tiles are over 9 inches wide. To make sure you get an accurate tile size, tell your graphics software to print it at 250mm x 250mm (25cm x 25cm).


Tannhauser Month comes to an end…

Well 2012’s Tannhauser Month is coming to an end later today, sorry we didn’t have quite as much content as last year but THIS caused us a lot of issues.

Anyway, we’ll close things out later with the Frankenstahl and a basic twin Frank strategy video. In the meantime we have another Zombicide scenario for your enjoyment.

Friday, October 26, 2012

FFG Officially Releases the Attack Chopper

Today FFG has officially released the SSU Ground Attack Helicopter, and I’ll be getting mine here in a couple days. When it get here we’re going to kick off our Dust Tactics video review series.

Devastation from the Skies


In other news the Tannhauser Frankenstahl expansion will be out next week. As soon as it’s released I should have the next Frank video ready.

Special Bonus Bonus Token

Since it’s Tannhauser Month I thought a second bonus token would be in order.

Judah Loew ben Bezalel’s Amulet

Animates the inanimate. Was originally used by a Jewish rabbi to create a golem to protect his people, and has the Hebrew word EMET (truth) etched into the amulet.


13 nutral back copyamulet

Here are the rules again in a larger font so you can read them in detail.

Artifact • This token may be combined with any piece of disposable equipment, to create a living version of that item. To use: as an action, place this token in an adjacent circle, and place the equipment token on top. The new living object, has a one characteristic row as follows: |5|4|-|8|, and may perform actions based on its traits. I.e. a grenade can “throw” it’s self, and a gun may attack enemies. If the object suffers a wound it is destroyed and both tokens are removed from the board.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Completely Blank Zombicide Style Tile

I’ve been working on custom Zombicide tiles, and I gave up trying to adapt scans or anything else, and decided to start from scratch. The result was this first blank tile, one large room, one straight street, and one manhole.

Click to enlarge.

zombicide tile blank copy

Some of the wall thicknesses may be off, and other things may miss by a mm here and there. Print it 250mm x 250mm.


Fan Submission: Zor’ka’s Impale

Today Andrew continues his fascination with everyone's favorite Slavic deity, Zor’ka! This time he ups her melee ability to the extreme with “Impale.”


Impale card


I got to say I really like the cinematic feel of Zor’ka running someone through with her Magnifier.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Pledge Rewards

This month as we continue to raise money to support the site we have a new reward for patrons who donate to us.

WWII Style Dice Bags!!!

We have three styles, and anyone who donates a minimum of $10 USD can choose their favorite style (details below). Each dice bag is approx. 6x4 inches, and made from military grade burlap, each is then dyed and silkscreened with the national logos. These bags are made to military specs for the shipping and storage of small mechanical parts and are normally soaked in oil to prevent rust. (They were obtained from a US DOD certified contractor) But they can also hold a large number of dice.

Note: The sizes, colors, quality of the logo, and many other factors do vary, these are originally industrial / military use after all.

Click the pictures for larger versions.

Soviet Style (Red star on raw)


US Style (Invasion Star on green)


German Style (Balkenkreuz on grey)


Please specify: Soviet, German, US, or none (if you don’t want one at all, but still want to donate) in the comment section of the donation form, so we know which style to send you.

For a minimum donation of $25 USD we’ll send you all three.


Act fast we only have about 20 of each style available right now. Click the donate button below to go to our Paypal donation form.

Action Shot!!!

Each bag holds between 40 and 50 dice, sizes do vary some.


If these are popular enough, we may add more styles or make them available for regular purchase.

Frankenstahl Video Preview

Here is your first look at the Frankenstahl, and all his cards, etc.

Program note: This is a quick reshoot due to a lost file, so there may be some quality issues.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our First Zombicide Scenario

We’ll be getting back to Tannhauser Month tomorrow with a new video, but to wrap up tonight we have our first Zombicide scenario “The Roadblock.” It’s a pretty hard one, just remember you have to move the Police cars before you can move to the exit.


Below is the Hummer and the Ma Deuce card.

zombicide hummer copy     EMPTY CARDS.indd

Note: The Hummer is a little wider than two inches, just be sure when you print it, it comes out 4 inches long.

Have fun…

New Article for FFG…

Here is my first Frakenstalh preview written for FFG, enjoy.

Screams of Terror

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fan Submission: Reactor Overload

Today Andrew brings us a great little token designed to replace Zor’ka’s Awakening token.

Update: There were a couple typos, Andrew has provided corrections.

Reactor Overload

Reactor_Overload copy


Enjoy, and thanks Andrew.

Friday, October 19, 2012

All the latest Dust Tactics Unit Cards.

After the jump are all the latest unit cards posted by Dust Models.

Out of the Office because of this…

This was supposed to be the first day of our vacation, but instead we have to go to our other house we used to rent and strip and clean it because of this…

Rabbit poop, tons of it. You won’t believe the smell, all the carpet has to go. (and before you ask yes they had children in this house.


All the kitchen is destroyed…


Molded clothes covered in flies, again imagine the smell…


And just tones of trash…


So Tannhauser month has to go on hold for a few days while we take care of this, we’ll have to rip up the carpets, throw out all the busted kitchen cabinets, and tear out a lot of other busted stuff.

Sorry about all this but this is so not our fault.

By the way the people (if you can call them that) renting this house did all this in two months. Also their names are Elisa Kubasic and Nathan Dean, never rent to them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tannhauser Rerun: Wild Vigilance

Last up today is a great little bonus token for the Reich’s Stosstruppen.

UTotM - Wild Vigilance (Card)

vigilancestoss back

All for today.

Testing the new Campaign Cards

Ok, I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’ve come up with a version of my solo scenario Operation Zombie-Cide, to test out the new Union Campaign Character Sheets.

First difference you’ll see is a Campaign Opening section that tells you if there are any special setup for the characters. Then at the end are the available medals and experience. Which detail how medals are earned and also how much and what experience can be used for.

Zombie-Cide Campaign Test

Well I hope a couple of you will take a look and see how things work. For all the character sheets and the equipment list check this page.

New Campaign System

I’ll get the Reich troopers and a competitive scenario done in a few days, but I’m going to be out taking care of some non-gaming stuff for a few days. Sorry for any delays.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Allied Flyer Concept Art

Here is a great piece of concept art for the upcoming Allied flyer for Dust Tactics.


Todays new arrivals…

With our pledge drive going pretty well, we were able to pick up some new items.


And of course we had to try out Zombicide…

Game 1 (the tutorial)


Game 2 (mission 01)


For more on our pledge drive take a look here:

Lots of pictures of the HO-347.III for DT

Here is a series of pictures looking at the upcoming HO-347 for Dust Tactics.

Original pictures removed by Dust Models. Cashed image below.

images (2)

Eva’s Campaign Character Sheet

Really busy today so just one post for Tannhauser Month, it’s Eva’s campaign card.

Character Card Campaign Eva copy

All for today.

A Little Dust News before we get back to TH

Hey remember the hot chicks working on the Axis fighter from this pic earlier this week.

Well you be able to by them from

Well what else can you say…