Friday, October 5, 2012

Cam-pains in the Neck…

Next up is today’s big new custom addition to Tannhauser. We always like to have something like this for Tannhauser Month…

Tannhauser is a great scenario driven competitive game, it’s always at its best when it’s telling a story. An having a campaign with a series of interconnected stories has always been the hope of Tannhasuer’s campaign system, but the limitations of the game and it’s tacked on campaign mode, have always fell short of what I’d like to see.

So with that in mind I’ve been working on a new campaign system in which I hope to be able to create vast stories spanning as many as ten scenarios, or more. To create this new Tannhauser Campaign System I first set a number of goals…

    • Keep the majority of Tannhauser’s rules and components.
    • Perma-Death when a Hero dies during a scenario they may not be used in the next scenario.
    • Eliminate the pack system, and develop a “point” system for selecting character equipment, which will be used throughout the campaign.
    • New Ranks and Medals can be earned during one scenario for use in the next. (A type of “Achievement” System.)

With all that in mind I decided that the only game component that needed completely replaced was the character sheet, which in my opinion is what limits Tannhauser the most. Now here’s what I came up with (keep in mind this is a prototype for functional testing, and not for art).

(Click to enlarge)

Character Card Campaign copy

(Above is the massive new 12x6 inch character sheet)

Now this is what John MacNeal’s card will look like but because I get to make new cards for everyone, the number of inventory slots and other slots can vary. But as you can see the big change is the new “Health Bar” across the top. Max health is at the right, with the starting health level indicated by the green circle (two spaces to the left in this case). This creates two additional health spaces for John that can be “earned” during the course of the campaign. If he was at “Max Health” he’d have to suffer nine wounds to die, this increases his single scenario survivability, but to balance that I’m eliminating the ability to “Shake of a Wound” through the use of a Command Point. Meaning that wounds can only be healed by healing items like First Aid Kits and the Eye of Tages.

Well that’s all on this for now, but I’m going to be developing this throughout Tannhauser Month, so feel free to offer any input or ideas you have. I’m going to leave off with a picture of the prototype card with some cards and tokens on it so you can start to see how it will work.


All for now.