Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Special: Zombicide Graveyard

Well it’s that time again, and we have something special, a set of four Graveyard Tiles G1, G2, G3 & G4. here they are along with some example graveyards. I haven’t decided on whether the grave areas should be one large zone or divided up. So what do you folks think? These are hybrids between some scans of the street, and fully custom grave yard art. The streets are a little blurry, because of the de-screening process. And the color is a little off. There are a couple of alignment issues but overall I like how the turned out.

We’ve updated these, the new set can be found here:

Grave 1

Grave 2

Grave 3

Grave 4

Grave Yard copy

cemetary gates

corner graves

edge graves

Zombicide Town