Saturday, October 6, 2012

The new Campaign system, more details

Last up for today is a little more detail about the campaign system and new character sheets I’m developing for Tannhauser. (See: for more information.)

First here is a look at John MacNeal’s equipment list, this is the equipment he can choose from during the campaign setup, and during any “Resupply Phases” of scenarios within the campaign. At the bottom of the chart is the prototype “Medal Award System.” Unless other wise stated characters do not begin the Campaign with an medals, but instead earn them through completing the requirements listed.

(Note: no equipment no matter how small can weigh less then 1 Lb.)



Flash Gun MK I

20 Lbs

M1911 A1

5 Lbs

MK 1 Frag Grenade

1 Lb

Combat Knife

1 Lb




Night Eyes

5 Lbs

First Aid Kit

2 Lbs

Extra Ammo

5 Lbs

Morphine Shot

1 Lb

Smoke Grenade

1 Lb


Looking at the chart you can start to see how much more freedom you’ll have in choosing equipment. For example John can carry 30 Lbs of equipment, so he could carry his Flash Gun (20 lbs), his Night eyes(5 lbs), and Five MK 1 Frag Grenades (1 Lb each) stacked in the same equipment slot. Although five grenades may seem like a lot, if you can’t resupply for five or six scenarios you’ll run out before you know it.

Lastly today we have a look at the next character sheet in the series Barry Brown, which has a different inventory setup then John.

(Click to enlarge)

Character Card Campaign Barry copy

As you can see, Barry can carry a total of 70 Lbs, although 45 Lbs of that will be taken up by his Flash Machine Gun A6a. He also only has one slot each for Training and Awards, as opposed to John’s two slots. But he has an additional slot for a fourth equipment type. So he could carry his A6a, the BA-27, a few grenades and a couple first aid kits, or extra ammo.

Well that all on this for today, we’ll see you all back here Monday, and don’t forget about or donation drive: