Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombicide Graveyard Version 2

After some suggestions and some realizations, here is a new set of Graveyard Tiles. This new set contains a lot of new features including a Mausoleum which you can use a door token on to create an enterable zone. They also include a number of gates which you can treat as open doors in the Graveyard wall. Finally there are little cobbled paths which function just like the crosswalks to divide different zones within the Graveyard.

Grave New 1

Grave New 2

Grave New 3

Grave New 4

New Graveyard 6

As with the last set there are some more examples after the jump…

New Graveyard 1New Graveyard 2New Graveyard 3New Graveyard 4New GraveYard 5

Well how do like them?