Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zombicide Scenario: 03 Blackhawk Down

Today our third scenario for Zombicide comes to you screaming out of the sky like a crashing helicopter.


For an easier game only use Zombie Cards 1-24, for a harder game start all players at level 12.

Here is the next custom tile, the area on the opposite side of the sidewalk is considered two separate zones divided diagonally by the wreckage, but it is not inside, and therefore cannot be searched like a room.

Click for full size image.

zombicide tile chopper wreck copy

You’ll need a printer that can handle 11 x 17 paper as the tiles are over 9 inches wide. To make sure you get an accurate tile size, tell your graphics software to print it at 250mm x 250mm (25cm x 25cm).

Here are some Orange Objective Tokens, I believe they should be 25mm square when printed. This image is 30mm x 100mm at 200 dpi.

Orange Objs