Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Special Bonus Token

Well here in America it’s election day which means it’s time to pick your favorite color, will it be Red or Blue, or none. So get out and vote or don’t, it’s a free country remember.

But back to why were here, it’s time for a special bonus token for Tannhauser.

The Election Button

A small bit of memorabilia from the last presidential election, perhaps Edison owes you a favor.

Edison Election Card copy

union backVote Button Token copy

Some simple clarifications:

  • If you select this token as a bonus token Edison may not be a member of starting force.
  • This token may not be used to exceed the normal squad limits of game or scenario. (i.e. someone must die before this token may be discarded.)
  • You don’t need to pay the Command Point cost for a reinforcement when using this token.