Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Robert Jeschonek has a new novel

While this is outside of our usual genera, the author of the Tannhauser novel “Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, has completed his second novel in his Battlenaut series.

Resist the Red Battlenaut

Red Battlenaut Cover

The Red Battlenauts show no mercy. Roaring out of the darkness of deep space, these ultra-high tech war machines pound the hell out of both sides in a bloody interstellar civil war. No one can even SEE the Reds--no one except Marine Corporal Solomon Scott. Recruited by the hardcore SEAL-like Diamondbacks, Scott becomes a secret weapon in the ultimate struggle for survival. In battle after battle on perilous alien worlds, Scott and the Diamondbacks fight back against the ruthless Reds, desperately holding the line in furious clashes of muscle and metal. But when a face from the past exposes the secrets behind the carnage, a quest for answers becomes a race against time. Because the masters of the Red Battlenauts have more on their minds than a thirst for conquest...and only Solomon Scott can hope to stand against them. In the galaxy's darkest hour, the highest stakes imaginable drive this hero in Battlenaut armor to seize his destiny. But can he overcome a soul-searing betrayal that strikes out of nowhere like the Reds themselves? Only by crushing the monsters of his own dark past can Scott vanquish the forces blasting humanity to the brink of annihilation.

From the Author:

This is a follow-up to Pie Press’ all-time bestselling title, BEWARE THE BLACK BATTLENAUT. It’s available as a paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (it will be in a day or two, I should say, as soon as they’re done uploading it). It’s also on sale in e-book form for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, on iTunes, at, and at

While this book takes place in it’s own unique universe; the book is in the spirit of the BATTLETECH and MECHWARRIOR series, so fans of those series ought to enjoy this novel.

Check it out.