Monday, November 12, 2012

SSU Week: Operation: Zverograd

Now we look at the Operation: Zverograd expansion, with Koska and Grand'ma.

Program Notes: Here is the rules for Fighting Sprit, which I always forget to use, and forgot to explain in the video. I generally try to use sustained attacks, so this doesn’t get much use.

Fighting Sprit

A hero with this ability is an extraordinary fighter. He knows how to push his advantage and can carry on the assault relentlessly.

Once per game the hero can call upon a level of determination that few can boast.
The hero treats Successes as Misses, and Misses as Successes with all of his weapons as long as the hero performed at least one MOVE action this round. In order to trigger this bonus, the hero must move before attacking.

A hero with this ability shares it with any squad he joins.

Enjoy comrades.