Friday, November 9, 2012

The Luther Confusion

Every so often we like to do these sort of articles, and we felt this was a good time for this as it will hopefully answer some questions before their asked.

Today we’re going to look at the Dust Tactics Luther, and ask: just what is a Luther?

Now most of you are probably saying this is a Luther, that’s what the card says.


And I’m sure for most of you this is what you think of when another DT player mentions a Luther. But what if I told you this also was a Luther?


Now I’m sure many of you are confused, and are likely seeing what has to be a bastard child of a Loth and a Ludwig, but I assure it is an early model Luther (a Luther I)


And here is another Luther specifically a “Luther II.” Now you’re saying that’s a Ludwig, and you’d be right, but according to the Dust-Models website and a Japanese Modeling magazine this is a Luther II.



The fact that the above is a Luther II explains why this is a Jagdluther, and not a Jagdludwig.


And why this is a Konigsluther, and not a Konigsludwig.


So it seems at some point what was a Luther II became what we now call the Ludwig. But none of the other unit names were changed to align with this newly christened walker. Which has lead to some confusion when units like the Konigsluther were first released.


Well I hope you enjoyed this brief foray into the weird world that is Axis walker naming conventions. And I hope that now the Konigsluther’s name makes a little more sense to you.