Thursday, November 1, 2012

The November Bonus Token

It’s the first so that means it’s time for the Tannhauser Bonus Token of the Month.

This month our rummage through Warehouse 13 continues with…

Lucrezia Borgia’s Comb

The Comb of Lucrezia Borgia that was created by an alchemist. It transmits the mindset of Lucrezia Borgia via the crystals and ionized metal of the comb. It also grants the user mind controlling abilities. The user will eventually be driven insane by the comb.


13 nutral back copycomb

See all of this year’s artifacts from the warehouse by clicking THIS.

It’s November and that means that we only have one more token to go for this year. If any one has any suggestions for next year’s theme please leave a comment below.

Enjoy, and keep playing.