Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Pledge Drive Continues…

This month as we continue to raise money to support the site we have a new reward for patrons who donate to us.

WWII Style Dice Bags!!!

We have three styles, and anyone who donates a minimum of $10 USD can choose their favorite style (details below). Each dice bag is approx. 6x4 inches, and made from military grade burlap, each is then dyed and silkscreened with the national logos. These bags are made to military specs for the shipping and storage of small mechanical parts and are normally soaked in oil to prevent rust. (They were obtained from a US DOD certified contractor) But they can also hold a large number of dice.

Note: The sizes, colors, quality of the logo, and many other factors do vary, these are originally industrial / military use after all.

Click the pictures for larger versions.

Soviet Style (Red star on raw)


US Style (Invasion Star on green)


German Style (Balkenkreuz on grey)


Please specify: Soviet, German, US, or none (if you don’t want one at all, but still want to donate) in the comment section of the donation form, so we know which style to send you.

For a minimum donation of $25 USD we’ll send you all three.


Act fast we only have about 20 of each style available right now. Click the donate button below to go to our Paypal donation form.

Action Shot!!!

Each bag holds between 40 and 50 dice, sizes do vary some.


If these are popular enough, we may add more styles or make them available for regular purchase.