Saturday, November 17, 2012

The SSU Week Saturday Recap

Well it’s been a great week here at Front-Toward-Enemy and we hope you’ve enjoyed all our SSU coverage as much as we did. Here are links to all the articles we posted for SSU Week.

ssu week


SSU Week Begins

Video Introduction

Attack Helicopter Video

Operation: Zverograd Video


The Drakoni Video

The Frontoviki Video

The Ohotniki Video


The KV 47 Video and Article

SSU Airborne Transport Video

The Medvedi Video


The Fakyeli Video

SSU Battle Report SSU vs. Axis

The SSU Specialists Video

Operation: Hades


SSU Airborne Walker Transport

SSU Heroes - Red Yana

Sample Army Lists (Video)

For everything has on the SSU click HERE.

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Hope you all had a good time, and we hope we can do this again sometime. See you around comrades.