Monday, December 10, 2012

Building a Bergeluther

The Bergeluther is a Dust Studios exclusive model available in Premium and Kit form. Today we have the kit version and were going to show you how to assemble the resin add-on parts that turn a standard Luther hull into a Bergeluther.

In part one we get started assembling the resin dozer control-arms.

In part two we finish of the second control-arm and show how to put the dozer blade together.

Now the rest of the Luther hull and legs is pretty straight forward, if you get lost just look at any other Luther style Axis vehicle. Below we have some pictures of the finished model before any painting. (Please click to enlarge the images.)


Notes: I decided to go with a rather squat pose for the legs to keep the knees wide so the large hydraulic-actuators would have plenty of clearance.

If you plan on playing this unit in Dust Tactics, remember it’s not tournament legal. Further it has no official point value, but given all its “skills” and the damage potential of the Dozer Blade, I’d rate it between 40 and 45 points.

Here is the “Official” Unit Card.


Happy building.