Monday, December 17, 2012

Building the Mickey ARV, for Dust

Today we have a new build video series focusing on the resin upgrade components for the Dust Studios: Mickey ARV kit.

In part one we review the components, and assemble the crane arm.

In part two we work on the turret and hull, but we run into an issue. (edited for time)

In part three we finish up the turret, and discuss finishing the build.

Well we hope you enjoyed those, or at least find them helpful we it comes time to build your own, and now for the unit review.

First I have to say this is my favorite Dust Studio kit, I love the crane and the overall look of the finished model. Remember all the rules and stats for Dust Studio’s models are “experimental” and not legal for tournament play.

Mickey ARV (assembled with custom gun mount and crew)


Mickey ARV (primed sans crew)


Like the Bergeluther the ARV has a variety of skills including the abilities to move tank traps, and clear mine fields, because of all these “powers” I’d rate the ARV at about 40 points.

The unit card.


How the special skills work

A vehicle with this equipment can lift very heavy objects: it can enter a space with an anti-tank trap. By spending 1 ACTION it can lift this obstacle and move it in an adjacent square.

A vehicle with this skill has many special properties, thanks to its specialized crew and equipment:

- if it's in contact with a Bunker, it can destroy it by spending 2 ACTIONS to do so: the vehicle needs a full activation. At the end of it, the Bunker is destroyed and all units inside are destroyed as well.

- the vehicle can freely enter a Minefield. When inside a minefield, it can chooses to spend 1 ACTION to clear the space it's in from any Mines. The space can then be crossed by any unit without harm.

A vehicle with this skill has many special properties, thanks to its specialized crew and equipment:

- the vehicle gains the SELF REPAIR skill.

- the vehicle can gather a friendly destroyed vehicle and bring it back to the rear: it can then be salvaged. When you play with a RECOVER VEHICLE, place a marker on the game-board for any ground vehicle you loose (flying or naval vehicles don't count). If the RECOVERY VEHICLE can manage to go in the space with this marker, it can load the destroyed vehicle (this costs 1 ACTION). The destroyed vehicle has now been salvaged: its parts will be used in another battle. Count only half the destroyed vehicle AP cost when figuring Victory Points at the end of the game.

Keep in mind that the above rules are “experimental” and may or may not be accepted as official rules by FFG in the future.

Happy gaming.