Monday, December 3, 2012

Konigsturmtiger: A Dust Tactics W.I.P.

I’ve been working on this for a couple days now, and it’s complete enough to show off. Meet the King Storm Tiger (Konigsturmtiger). Remember this is still a work in progress, I have few mods left to make before painting.


This massive Axis tracked mobile gun platform was built to take on the SSU in the Second Battle of Kursk. This huge “tank” sports a 52 cm Mosler Mortar Projector, firing a Rocket Assisted HE Anti-Fortification Warhead. The shell alone is over two meters in length and requires a three man crew and a wench just to load the weapon. With over 200mm of front armor the Konigsturmtiger weighs nearly 90 tones.


However, there are a few drawbacks to this design, while the tank is nearly impervious to enemy fire it’s woefully under powered engine leaves it with a top speed of just under 25 KpH. Also while its massive shells are able to devastate the battlefield from over 25 Km away, it has a nearly 4 minute reload time between shots limiting its combat effectiveness.

Year of introduction: 1945
Vehicle Length: 8.4 meters
Vehicle Width: 5    meters
Vehicle Height: 3.6 meters
Vehicle Weight: 86.5 tones.
Main Armament: 52 cm Mosler Mortar Projector
Primary Ammunition: 52 cm Rocket Assisted HEAP
Secondary Armament: none
Engine Porsche 8 ltr. V10  (226 BHP)
Horsepower per Ton 2.6
Crew 5 (Driver, Commander, Gunners x3)
Road Speed 24 Kph
Cross Country Speed 9.5 Kph

Now there is a special reason I selected this tank to appear in my Dust Tactics games. If you played the Dust Strategy Game then this hull style may be slightly familiar. Below is my new tank and his little cousin from the Dust Strategy Game. You can see they look pretty similar.


Little Dust tank close up.


And now an example stat card…

Konigsturmtiger Card copy

Now this is just a first draft of the stats for this beast, it has a massive mortar over twice the size as the SSU’s Lenin tank, so that how the weapon stats we developed. Then it of course has reload, and Tracked Vehicle, and I added “Slow Vehicle” which means: “This Unit may never preform a Move + Move Action.”

And finally a little about the model itself. This is a Testors limited edition 1:35 Strumtiger model which I’m up scaling to 1:48, (I’ll be adding some 1:48 scale details before painting). Using a 1:35 scale model means everything is approximately 50% larger which makes for a truly massive looking vehicle on the board.

All for now, happy gaming.