Monday, December 31, 2012

New Rules for Zombicide

Guillotine Games has just released a massive update for Zombicide in the form of a Revised Rule Book PDF.

Here’s a list of the changes:

  • General – Revised layout for a better reading
  • General – Revised terminology (ex: “Player’s turn” is now “Players’ Phase”)
  • General – Introducing Pimpmobile weapons (Evil Twins and Ma’s Shotgun)
  • General – Introducing many points previously listed in the FAQ (especially revised Missions)
  • General – Missions now display difficulty, suggested number of Survivors and average game time
  • P. 4 – Introducing a game turn overview
  • P. 5 – Updating Line of sight rules
  • P. 10 – Compiling and extending various rules about Players’ Phase (especially car rules)
  • P. 13 – Updating Runners management for increased playability. All Zombies now play their first Action, then Runners play their second Action.
  • P. 17 – Extending rules about notable weapons: Sniper Rifle, Molotov and reloading weapons.
  • P. 17-18 – Updating car attack rules
  • P. 31 – Introducing an index

And a link to their blog: blog-updated-zombicide-rules

And a link to the new PDF: zombicide_rulebook_english_V3.pdf

Happy Zombie Hunting.