Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Dust Model’s Premium Play-mats

Today we just received the fist of a couple shipments from Dust Models, Hong Kong. A set of four play-mats. As you can see below the four mats covers nearly an entire 4 x 8 foot table, and is more then enough space for 600 or even 1000 point armies.


These mats are quite good quality with only some minor defects, (one has a little edge bleeding, and one stretched during printing so its alignment is off, but these are very minor flaws that you have to look for (or have a working knowledge of printing to see). On the other side the grid has been deleted making them a great backdrop for Dust Warfare games.


Also included with our order were four double-sided posters featuring Sigrid, and a map of Zeverograd on the reverse, a nice little bonus.


In all I think these are a good purchase for those not satisfied with Dust Tactics cardboard tiles. Although they are a bit expensive each is $24.99 + $10 for shipping (unless you order enough for free shipping), so our set of four set us back $99.96 (thanks to our donors for all their help). I will say they don’t feel needed for Dust Warfare, so the cost is a good reason to avoid something you don’t really need.

If your interested you can order your own here: Dust Play-mat at Dust Models.

I know I’m happy with them, how about you? If you have these why not leave a comment and tell us what you think.