Saturday, December 29, 2012

Semi-Local Dust News

January 5th there will be a Dust Day in Martinsburg, WV. As we are also in WV I thought I’d share this news as it has been seen much on Tactics sites only Warfare sites.


Here’s the details:

“On January 5th I will be hosting a Dust Tactics/Warfare Demo Day coined "Dust Day" at Your Hobby Place in Martinsburg WV.

It will start at 1pm and go until close around 8pm. We will be demoing both game and starting a league using the new Hades rules. Also if we get enough people we will have a mass battle depicting the Battle of the Bulge, specifically the Siege of Bastogne.”

And a link:

Of course this isn’t really “local” news for most of WV (due to our odd state shape), but if your in the D.C. area your only about an hour away. We’re over 5 hours away sadly.

Happy gaming.