Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tina and Hyane concept for Dust Tactics

Tina and Hyane are a Dust Studio’s model available both as a kit and as premium painted edition, but unlike many of the Dust Studio vehicles she has no experimental stats or rules. We recently picked up the kit version so we thought we’d come up with some unique rules and stats for this cool little set.

(Here is our assembled and primed kit minus the chain)


(How a painted version might look. Note: this is actually a picture of the 1:35 version)


Now without further delay here are the custom cards for both Tina and Hyane.

Hyane copy  Tina

Now my main goals with these custom card was to make something unique, and useful. My secondary goal was to make Hyane separate to allow her to be more then just a weapon with fur. Thirdly I wanted to make sure you had to field them as a pair for a reasonable point cost (which still may be too high (30 total)).

And now here are the special rules:

For Tina:

Commander: (see revised rules page 23) Allows a hero to join a Command Squad.

Animal Handler (name): This skill allows the named animal to be fielded in an army with hero who has the skill. The named animal may not be fielded without its handler. Further this hero may perform one Skill action and roll one die. On a (+) result, the player reactivates the named animal, rotate the reactivated unit’s card to its upright position and activate this unit immediately after the Animal Handler’s activation is finished.

For Hyane:

Service Animal (name) A service animal may occupy a space with a friendly unit, but never joins a unit. The animal must end its activation within 3 spaces of the named hero.

Agile: (see revised rules page 20) All diagonal moves cost one movement point.

Fast: (see revised rules page 21) When the unit performs a move action, it may move one additional space. If the unit performs two move actions, this skill can only affect one of those move actions.

Animal Instincts: When this unit attempts to use Reactive Fire, roll three dice instead of one. If you roll at least one (+), you may perform the attack.

Well that all for now, comments are welcome, but remember your manners.

Happy gaming.