Thursday, January 31, 2013

Modern Classic: Zombie Fluxx, A Review

Picked this up the other day and just wanted to give you all my thoughts.

Fluxx is a unique card game loved by many even Will Wheaton, and it comes in a variety of themed versions. At it’s core Fluxx is a simple draw a card play a card game. But what makes it unique is some of the cards you can play are New Rules that can drastically change the games mechanics. One minute your playing draw one play one, the next your playing draw five, play two, and discard to zero at the end of your turn.


Zombie Fluxx of course adds zombies to the mix, for the most part these cards don’t effect the mechanics much when compared to Star Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, or Cuthulu Fluxx. It’s just a theme, and that’s one of the things that makes Fluxx great in general, no matter your favorite genera of gaming there’s a Fluxx for you.


Overall I give Zombie Fluxx 9 out of 10, great art, fun game play, and Zombies.

Happy Gaming.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enemy at the Gates: Dust Tactics Scenario

We have another scenario / building article for DT today. First we have a building tip.

When building with the DT 3D structure kits like the Warzone Tenement, sometimes the pieces have a tendency to spread a little. Well you can prevent that with a small rubber band (they even make clear ones for doing braids).

Just place the bands like in the picture below, and they’ll pull tension on the inside corner keeping it from bowing out.


Then just slap on a roof.


Now you have a solid one story (Line of Sight Blocker) structure, that ground forces cannot see through and are much better for judging LOS when compared to just the terrain squares. Of course they’re also much more costly.

And now our scenario featuring this style of structure and more.

First here is the map configuration. This pic’s a bit distorted, but it’s hard to photograph a whole map. You’ll need Operations Cerberus, Zverograd, and a Warzone Tenement to build all of this, but if you don’t have all of that just build a one story building for the far right, and eliminate the two square structure in the center. But keep in mind that will change the dynamics of the game.

IMG_1371 copy

Here is a close up of the two story building.


And now the scenario set up and objectives.

Here is the map again with the Deployment Zones and Cover Zone laid out. (click to enlarge)

IMG_1371 copy 2

Attacker 300 AP, Defender 350 AP, 8 Round limit.

Special Rules:

When the defender deploys they may not move outside of their deployment zone on the first turn. Any defending aircraft may not use Advanced Deployment. This means that the Defending force must fit within 14 squares. If they attempt to deploy a unit and there is no space to deploy the unit that unit is lost. Further the attacker is rewarded the points just as if the unit had been destroyed in combat.

The Defender places all cover, they may place up to SIX cover objects of their choosing (either tank traps, ammo crates, or a mix of both).


The attacker is attempting to punch through the defender's line. The defender must prevent the enemy from getting through.

The defender wins as long as no enemy Ground Units end Round 8 on the far right side of the Defender’s Deployment Zone. See map above.

The Attacker wins if their ground units can push through the enemy and hold any square beyond the defender’s deployment zone till the end of Round 8.

If neither player has achieved victory by the end of Round 8, the player with the highest point score wins. (see the Revised Core Rules for how to calculate point scores)

Let slip the dogs of war!


Happy gaming.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Return of the Tannhauser Bonus Tokens

Today we have our first Tannhauser Bonus Token of 2013.

A Philosopher's Stone

This artificial creation of alchemy and dark science is the very essence of man’s immortal soul distilled and made solid. It amplifies a alchemists powers to transmutate matter, and can even grant such ability to a layman.

nutral back  red

2013 Stone copy

Happy gaming.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dust Decals, a how to…

Today we have a how to video for the Dust Studio Decals. But before we get to the video I want to talk about the graphics that are on the Dust Tactics models when you buy them.

First thing you need to know about these graphics is not all of them are decals, a close examination of the SSU red stars, (and most newer models) shows that these are actually pad printed silk-screenings. Which is a common method for applying simple graphics to toys and pre-built models.


While it’s not easy to see in the image above the red paint was applied first, and actually “splattered” a little bit you can see it around the periphery. Then the white was applied and under the right lighting you can see the red beneath the white.


In this second image you can more easily see the white paint is not perfect, as well as “warping” caused by the “pad” flexing along the wing contour.

I wanted to mention this because I don’t want to have overly high expectations, water slide decals, cannot compete with pad printing or even with dry transfer decals for that matter, but now for the video.

Here is the finished product, it came out a little satin, because of the cheap clear coat this is something you need to keep in mind when picking a sealer.


Also remember that almost always no matter how flat the finish on a decal is, at the right angle there may still be some shine. There are a lot of factors that can effect this, but if your not happy with the initial finish, your best bet will be Micro-Sol. Also remember decals apply better to a gloss finish then a flat one.

Happy decaling.

Copyright Info for your convenience.

We’ve been answering a lot of emails lately pertaining to requests to re-post, or re-publish our articles, to make things easier we’ve added a Copyright page to give everyone the information they need, and to let everyone know what they need to email us about.

You can find the page under Copyright Information in our top bar menu.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Z’cide Contest Mission C9…

GG has just posted the ninth winner in their design contest, a double mission!

Mission C9.pdf

Happy gaming.

Zombicide Custom Survivor #1

Today we have our first regular Zombicide post for our new weekly schedule. So to kick things off we thought we’d start with a custom survivor. Now, like many folks out there we saw FFG’s Adventurer’s Painted minis as a great way to add characters to Z’cide. But we’re going in a slightly different route, instead of trying to proxy the rare and limited Promo-Survivors; we’re creating completely new characters with their own stories, and fully unique skill sets.

So, now that the intro’s out of the way here is our first survivor…

Professor Hans Smicht


Professor Smicht was born in Germany but educated in England, he holds advanced degrees in Anthropology, Archeology, and more. Despite his age and timid demeanor he should never be underestimated. He has spent years tangling with smugglers, tomb robbers, and mercenaries making sure history’s treasures end up where they belong, “in a museum!” He’s never far from his .454 Casull revolver which packs almost a much punch as his right hook. Since the outbreak he’s been trying not only to stay alive but also to make sure man’s culture isn’t lost for the future generations, that is if there are any…

Well that's his story, and here is a special card to use for his starting pistol if you like (remember this is optional).


And as a special bonus we have another special card, this version allows the Prof. to fire all SIX shots from his revolver, but he’ll have to reload. It’s a bit overpowered but it’s just for fun.


It’s a pretty powerful gun, but it’s not enough initially to take out a Fatty and it won’t do much good against an Abomination. So keep that in mind. And finally there’s an action shot below.

Zombicide now in Cinema-Scope!!!


Happy Zombie Hunting, be sure to check here every Friday for more Zombicide customs and updates.

Special Bonus Update

Thursday, January 24, 2013

FTE Classics: Tactics II

Today we have the first of new segments on classic games. In this video we’ll be looking at one of the games that began the war gaming genera Tactics II, now this isn’t the first war game featuring chits on a map, but it is one of the earliest to really take off in popularity.

Tactics II is a Army Group level war game that takes place on an imaginary island continent, where the Red and Blue nations are fighting a war for control of the land mass.

This video looks at game components and some gameplay basics, we plan a more in depth tactical video and article in the future.

Well I hope you enjoyed this brief look at a true war game classic, we look forward to covering more classic games in the future.

Program note: The game board is not pink, the camera’s white balance was set incorrectly, we’ll try and make sure that doesn’t happen in the future.

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Siege at the Factory, Dust Tactics Scenario

Today we have a new scenario for all you Dust Tactics fans out there.

Somewhere on the outskirts of the Zverograd Tank Factory…

First you need at least the following: Operations: Cerberus and Zverograd, a Warzone Tenement, and two 300 point armies.

Next up lets build the remains of the factory. (Click to enlarge)

Step 1

IMG_1303 copyIMG_1304 copy

Step 2

IMG_1305 copyIMG_1306 copy

Step 3

IMG_1307 copyIMG_1308 copy

Now that we have the main structure you can use the left overs to build the map like so. Note the roof sections on the little buildings are optional; you can find them in the DT Tile Set, or Core Set. If you don’t have the roofs, just remember the little structures are terrain with no dot, and cannot be entered. Also note the Dust Studio Game Mats we use are the same as the Zverograd poster maps.


Now that we have a map here’s the scenario rules…

Defender: 300 AP, no aircraft.

Attacker: 300-450 AP. You should base the Attacker's army size on the skill of the defender, if your opponent is a beginner use an equally sized army.

Cover: cover is optional, but you may use up to 4 Tank Traps, and 6 Ammo crates. The defender places all cover. Cover must be placed either inside the building as per the rules or within one square of the building.

Turn limit: 8 Turns.

Special Rules:

The defender is hold up inside the factory, during set up the Defending player places all his available units inside the building, they can be placed on any legal space within the structure.

During the first turn the Defender may not move his units, he may however preform Attack actions, but not Sustained Attacks.

On the first turn before the initiative roll the Attacker rolls four dice for each + result he choses one of the four map edges as a deployment zone, only the first row of any single side forms the deployment area. The Attacker may choose to reroll any     results once. For a maximum of four sides of deployment.


The Defender is trying to prevent the loss of the vital factory facilities, to win they must hold out for 8 Turns, and at the end of the Eighth Turn there must be no Attacking units inside the factory.

The Attacker is trying to capture the factory, they can win either by keeping units in the factory till the end of turn 8 or by killing all the defenders.

Once more unto the breach!


Happy Gaming.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FFG has a New FAQ for Dust Warfare

While we don’t cover it a lot right now Dust Warfare is the tabletop war rules for use with Dust Tactics miniatures. So if you a fan of DT minis but not the simplified board-game style gameplay you should dust off your tape measure and give DW a try. Just follow the link below for the new FAQ and more info on DW.


FFG has a new FAQ for DW

Happy gaming.

Book Review: Photo Art for Modellers

Despite the fact the Modelers is misspelled in the title “Photo Art for Modellers” is a great little book to help inexperienced photographers and Photoshop users the ability to create some very nice images from the models they’ve built.  While this isn’t directly related to gaming many gamers build models both for play and display, and this book will help make photos just as impressive as your models themselves.


While the author Peter Morath focuses on aircraft models, with a shorter second chapter looking at train models, the techniques presented can be used for many different models. The book includes instructions on creating realistic spinning props, smoke, and fire effects; all of which can be helpful to the WWII era gamer like Dust players and Flames of War fans.

You can find this nice little paperback for around $10 USD online, I got my copy for only $3 USD at a discount store. Keep in mind this is really geared toward beginner and intermediate model photographers, so if your already a Photoshop expert it may be a bit beneath you.

Happy Photoshopping.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Our New Store!

The Front Toward Enemy store is open, while we don’t have a big variety yet we hope to expand if all goes well. Right now you can get our ever popular WWII Dice Bags. Just click the link below or above in out tab menu.

The Front Toward Enemy Store

Happy Shopping.

Our new weekly schedule

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in the last few days to develop a more organized posting schedule for Front-Toward-Enemy. We hope to have all this finalized by the end of this month, and we should be settled in to the routine by February.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
logo-dust-tactics-green P1010761[4]
Day Off Dust Tactics Maybe?
Dust Tactics Classics Zombicide News or Specials

On the two Dust Tactics days you can expect us to alternate between Axis, Allies, or SSU, we aren’t likely to do say, two Axis posts in one week.

For our Tannhauser fans we are trying to make Tuesday our TH Day, but right now we have nothing to post for TH, so we’ll see where things go.

Thursday is reserved for games like Risk, Axis & Allies, and Panzer Leader.

Friday is Zombicide, we’ll have custom characters, more map tiles, and more coming soon.

On any day if we don’t have something to fit the schedule, we’ll try to fill the space with a book review or something else gaming related.

Also we’ll try to stay on top of all the gaming news we usually cover, we’ll post the important stuff whenever we receive it.

As for the weekends, we’ll still post Saturdays if we have something special or news that can’t wait. Sundays are still my day off, no matter what.

One last note: this schedule will of course be superseded by any special themed weeks, like our SSU and RCS weeks.

Happy gaming.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playing Dust Tactics, The RCS.

Today as a special bonus for Revised Core Set Week, we play a quick game of DT “death-match.”

First a note about the terrain seen in the video, we used a Dust Studio Game Mat, and 3D structures from Operation Cerberus, for filming reasons. The included poster maps and little game tiles just looked terrible on camera. So, we opted to use terrain that while not included in the RCS is widely available.

About the rules, we did check the book a couple times, but if we made any mistakes we’ll try and have them listed below in the notes. Sorry we couldn’t get the unit cards on camera more, but if the camera had been any higher you wouldn’t be able to read them anyway.



Program Notes:

Part 1: None

Part 2: Jump clarified: You can jump a unit, you cannot jump any terrain without a dot.

Remember Reactive Fire must take place  between the enemy move action and their attack action, also you must Attack with all your weapons that have sufficient range, I forgot to use the Flak Grenadier’s knife.

Also around the 7 minute mark there are some errors involving splitting fire, you split fire by weapon line not by figure, so the flamethrowers can target one way, and the shotguns another, not exactly the way the video presents it.

Part 3: Heroes never benefit from cover, despite my initial confusion, I was a bit tired during the game.

Hope you enjoyed these videos, we plan on making more in the future.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dust Tactics, RCS Week, Day Five.

Well this is it, it’s the last day of DT Revised Core Set Week. Today we get started with the Axis’ answer to the BBQ Squad, The Sturmpioneere. They’re a unique squad being the only armor 2 infantry included for the Axis in the RCS.

The last unit review for the RCS is the Hell Boys, the Allies’ best close combat class 2 infantry squad.

Wow, it’s been a great week, but all good things must come to an end, just not yet. Tomorrow we’ll put it all together and show off all these units in a lets play style video, but more on that tomorrow.

Happy Gaming.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dust Tactics RCS Week, Day Four.

Well this post is a little later then planed due to a local internet outage, followed by a Trojan infection, but all is well now.

Today’s first video is the Axis’ Heavy Flak Grenadiers, a great unit, that should be useful for sometime to come.

Last for today is the first of the Infantry Armor Class 2 squads, The Death Dealers.

Happy Gaming.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DT Revised Core Set Week, Day 3.

Today we explore the first of the armor three infantry squads, starting with the Axis Heavy Laser Grenadiers

Next up is the Allies close combat experts The Hammers.

Happy gaming.

First DT Armor 1 Confirmed

Here is the first look at the first DT Armor 1 units.

Updated with a new images the official announcement from Dust Studio was today.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The SSU Demolition KV-47s

Dust Studios has posted the unit cards for the upcoming SSU KV-47 Recovery and Demolition Walkers.


Click to enlarge.


Happy gaming.

Issues with the FFG site?

Normally for FFG published games, I keep an updated thread over on the FFG forums, but for the last few weeks the site the site has become less and less reliable for me and a few others. There’s a thread about over on BBG:

Anyway long story short here’s what I get today…


So, I won’t be updating my forum thread today, I hope the FFG folks won’t have too much trouble sorting this out.

Rest assured Dust Tactics RCS Week will continue.

New Dust Tank Crews from Dust Studio

Paolo’s own Dust Studios has some new resin Tank Crews in his coming soon section. While they look pretty nice, unlike the plastic tank crew already out for the allies these do not included any accessories, weapons, etc. Plus they’re $19.99 for just two figures. There are three sets, an Axis Set, Allied set A, and Allied set B. I hope we’ll see some similar figures in a cheaper plastic, for us folks on a budget, because as always with Dust Models these are very nice.


One last thing to note is, these are the first 1:48 scale releases I’ve noticed with the “Dust WW2” badging. I wonder if it has any significance.


Anyway here’s the link if your interested, but I’ll have to pass for now:

Happy modeling.

RCS Week, Day Two…

Welcome back to Dust Tactics Revised Core Set week here at FTE, and today we have the Heroes of the RCS, first up is the Axis Lara.

And finally for today is the Ally’s Rhino.

See you here tomorrow with some more infantry from the DT: RCS.

Happy watching.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Dust Tactics Rules for Icarus

FFG has just posted the new rules for Icarus, as well as some advanced flight rules, as soon as I get some more air power, I’ll do a video demo of them.


Here’s the link:

In other big news Icarus brings us dual ammo weapons which I was thinking of making for my Konigsturmtiger, so expect to see a new card for it soon.

Another cool thing is Demo Charges are sort’a getting an upgrade.

And note the mention of bunkers, there have been rumors floating around about these since Dust Studio released the rules for Engineering Vehicle, with the Mickey ARV, and Bergeluther.

Icarus is shaping up to be a great expansion.

The FFG site went down shortly after I downloaded these new rules, here are some links for those who missed them:

The Icarus Rules:

The Advanced Flight Rules:

Happy Gaming.

Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set Week

Today we kick off Revised Core Set week for Dust Tactics, we hope you all enjoy this detailed look at all the units contained in the DT: RCS. Also we’ll be closing the week out with a Demo Game played using only the units shown in this video series, but more on that on Saturday. For now let’s get to the first video which is a brief intro to the Core Set, and a look at the Axis light walker Hans.

Next up for today is the Allied light walker Blackhawk, or as we “lovingly” call it the Thunder-Chicken.

Well, that’s all for today, see you tomorrow with two more units from the Revised Core Set.

Happy gaming.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working Hard to bring you the Best Video

What follows is an informal camera review…


Today we’re trying out some new cameras, to see if a used but new to us Canon HG21 can hold its own against a new Canon XA10 we borrowed. So far things are looking nice. I can’t see a difference in image quality, but I can hear a bit of a difference in sound quality, but an external mic should solve that issue.

For a quick comparison here is a screen shot from our laptop.

Click to enlarge.

Canon Camera Test Screen Shot

We hope to get in gear and film a Dust Decal video with the new HG21 for posting in a couple weeks.

Right now the big question is whether or not we’ll reshoot all 50+ minutes of Revised Core Set Week we originally filmed on our Canon T2i.


The T2i is a great camera and capable of awesome stills, and under the right conditions it can do just as amazing video. In fact a similar camera was used to film some scenes in The Avengers, but we don’t have the $2000 dollar lenses, the amazing lighting setups, an awesome director of photography or Tony Stark. So, for us the advantages it brings to Hollywood are lost.

XA10                                                 HG21

81I-FOY2DPL__AA1500_            81CQtrky-dS__AA1500_

That’s why we're transitioning to the HG21, which is a few years old but for $400 USD we couldn’t get a better deal for such high quality (of course you’re not likely to find it for that price). The ‘21 debuted in 2009 to much fanfare and was around $2000 USD at the time these days you can get a new one for around  $1500, or $800 used. The ‘21 has video quality very comparable to the current flagship pro-sumer model the XA10, while the HG21 lacks some of the advanced audio abilities, it has a similar image sensor, and nearly twice the storage capacity with its built in 120GB Hard Drive. Also I feel it has a faster and more accurate auto-focus. So, if you have a tighter budget and are looking for XA10 quality and old HG model is not going to disappoint.

Happy filming.