Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Review: Photo Art for Modellers

Despite the fact the Modelers is misspelled in the title “Photo Art for Modellers” is a great little book to help inexperienced photographers and Photoshop users the ability to create some very nice images from the models they’ve built.  While this isn’t directly related to gaming many gamers build models both for play and display, and this book will help make photos just as impressive as your models themselves.


While the author Peter Morath focuses on aircraft models, with a shorter second chapter looking at train models, the techniques presented can be used for many different models. The book includes instructions on creating realistic spinning props, smoke, and fire effects; all of which can be helpful to the WWII era gamer like Dust players and Flames of War fans.

You can find this nice little paperback for around $10 USD online, I got my copy for only $3 USD at a discount store. Keep in mind this is really geared toward beginner and intermediate model photographers, so if your already a Photoshop expert it may be a bit beneath you.

Happy Photoshopping.