Monday, January 28, 2013

Dust Decals, a how to…

Today we have a how to video for the Dust Studio Decals. But before we get to the video I want to talk about the graphics that are on the Dust Tactics models when you buy them.

First thing you need to know about these graphics is not all of them are decals, a close examination of the SSU red stars, (and most newer models) shows that these are actually pad printed silk-screenings. Which is a common method for applying simple graphics to toys and pre-built models.


While it’s not easy to see in the image above the red paint was applied first, and actually “splattered” a little bit you can see it around the periphery. Then the white was applied and under the right lighting you can see the red beneath the white.


In this second image you can more easily see the white paint is not perfect, as well as “warping” caused by the “pad” flexing along the wing contour.

I wanted to mention this because I don’t want to have overly high expectations, water slide decals, cannot compete with pad printing or even with dry transfer decals for that matter, but now for the video.

Here is the finished product, it came out a little satin, because of the cheap clear coat this is something you need to keep in mind when picking a sealer.


Also remember that almost always no matter how flat the finish on a decal is, at the right angle there may still be some shine. There are a lot of factors that can effect this, but if your not happy with the initial finish, your best bet will be Micro-Sol. Also remember decals apply better to a gloss finish then a flat one.

Happy decaling.