Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dust Tactics, 1:35 or 1:48 scale?

Dust Tactics is nominally 1:48 scale and I’d say for most light vehicles and standard tanks it’s a good scale to stick with. But there are times when you just want something bigger, like my Konigsturmtiger.

So here are some images to help you decide what scale you might want to think about for your custom models for your Dust Tactics custom units and scenery.


Above in this first picture we have a series of tanks in different scales, flanked by a Ludwig and a Mickey. From left to right there’s a 1:48 M60 Night-fighter, a DT Mao Zedong, a 1:35 M4E8 Sherman Easy 8, and a 1:35 Sturmtiger. While the Sturmtiger looks quite nice at this scale with only some minor mods, the Easy 8 looks like a freak sized Sherman, and the Mickey’s Sherman-esque turret only serves to amplify it’s out of scale appearance. The M60 while it smallish in comparison to the Mao, it’s actually quite accurately scaled, and looks good near the Allied troops and Mickeys. Although it it form about 20 years in the future.


Here’s another angle showing the M60, Mao, and the Sturmtiger, as you can see the bulk of the Mao size difference with the M60 stems from it’s massive turret. When comparing only the hulls the Mao and M60: The M60 is only 30mm shorter and is actually the same width if you don’t count the Mao’s extra wide tracks. Additionally from tread to turret base is 33mm for the M60 and 35mm for the Mao making them almost identical in that respect.


Here’s another look, again the Easy 8 looks terribly huge, because of it’s massive front hull.


Finally an all allies shot so you can form your own opinion. Of course you can use a obviously out of scale vehicle as the base for some sort of experimental unit. The Sherman above for instance could be the base for some sort of troop transport, as it’s massive hull could easily hold 6-8 1:48 scale men.

All in all there are many tanks and vehicles in 1:48 and even more in 1:35 out there to build customs for DT and DW, but I think your going to want to stay with 1:48 for most vehicles. Only using 1:35 for vehicles that were already larger then life when they existed like the Sturmtiger, or the E100 twin 88, or even the masive Karl-Gerat seige guns.

The last thing to remember: when using a 1:35 scale vehicle in a 1:48 scale world everything on the 1:35 scale vehicle is about 50% bigger than it should be, so an 88mm gun becomes a 132mm gun, this is important to remember when thinking about creating weapon stats.

Well that’s all for now…

Happy Gaming.