Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enemy at the Gates: Dust Tactics Scenario

We have another scenario / building article for DT today. First we have a building tip.

When building with the DT 3D structure kits like the Warzone Tenement, sometimes the pieces have a tendency to spread a little. Well you can prevent that with a small rubber band (they even make clear ones for doing braids).

Just place the bands like in the picture below, and they’ll pull tension on the inside corner keeping it from bowing out.


Then just slap on a roof.


Now you have a solid one story (Line of Sight Blocker) structure, that ground forces cannot see through and are much better for judging LOS when compared to just the terrain squares. Of course they’re also much more costly.

And now our scenario featuring this style of structure and more.

First here is the map configuration. This pic’s a bit distorted, but it’s hard to photograph a whole map. You’ll need Operations Cerberus, Zverograd, and a Warzone Tenement to build all of this, but if you don’t have all of that just build a one story building for the far right, and eliminate the two square structure in the center. But keep in mind that will change the dynamics of the game.

IMG_1371 copy

Here is a close up of the two story building.


And now the scenario set up and objectives.

Here is the map again with the Deployment Zones and Cover Zone laid out. (click to enlarge)

IMG_1371 copy 2

Attacker 300 AP, Defender 350 AP, 8 Round limit.

Special Rules:

When the defender deploys they may not move outside of their deployment zone on the first turn. Any defending aircraft may not use Advanced Deployment. This means that the Defending force must fit within 14 squares. If they attempt to deploy a unit and there is no space to deploy the unit that unit is lost. Further the attacker is rewarded the points just as if the unit had been destroyed in combat.

The Defender places all cover, they may place up to SIX cover objects of their choosing (either tank traps, ammo crates, or a mix of both).


The attacker is attempting to punch through the defender's line. The defender must prevent the enemy from getting through.

The defender wins as long as no enemy Ground Units end Round 8 on the far right side of the Defender’s Deployment Zone. See map above.

The Attacker wins if their ground units can push through the enemy and hold any square beyond the defender’s deployment zone till the end of Round 8.

If neither player has achieved victory by the end of Round 8, the player with the highest point score wins. (see the Revised Core Rules for how to calculate point scores)

Let slip the dogs of war!


Happy gaming.