Monday, January 14, 2013

New Dust Tactics Rules for Icarus

FFG has just posted the new rules for Icarus, as well as some advanced flight rules, as soon as I get some more air power, I’ll do a video demo of them.


Here’s the link:

In other big news Icarus brings us dual ammo weapons which I was thinking of making for my Konigsturmtiger, so expect to see a new card for it soon.

Another cool thing is Demo Charges are sort’a getting an upgrade.

And note the mention of bunkers, there have been rumors floating around about these since Dust Studio released the rules for Engineering Vehicle, with the Mickey ARV, and Bergeluther.

Icarus is shaping up to be a great expansion.

The FFG site went down shortly after I downloaded these new rules, here are some links for those who missed them:

The Icarus Rules:

The Advanced Flight Rules:

Happy Gaming.