Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Heinrichs from Dust Studio

Dust Studio has some new Zverograd pattern Heinrichs up in their coming soon area. They come in a “late” and “early” models, which you can create yourself by mounting Heinrich’s Flackvierling on a Han’s hull.

Dust-DTS008_A-06      Dust-DTS008B-07

I’d already planned on doing this myself when I pick up a Light Walker pack.

Not to nit pick but… one should note: that Aufklarerlaufer (recon walker) isn’t really accurate 1940’s German Military, if this vehicle had exsisted the German Heer would have designated it a, Flugzeugabwehrkampfläufer – Aircraft defense combat walker (Fla.Kpfl.). Aufklarer (recon) is a term generally reserved for infantry, and not applied to land vehicles.

They also have a new Zeverograd Lothar if your interested.

Happy Gaming.